Kris Jenner Doesn’t Get The Bike Shorts Trend And She’s Not Alone

Kris Jenner Doesn’t Get The Bike Shorts Trend And She’s Not Alone


Trends change quicker than a girl changes minds. One moment, we’re into flared pants, the next everyone’s wearing bike shorts. Fast fashion is both a blessing and a curse in the industry. So if you don’t understand how this works, it’s pretty much normal. It’s okay not to get every trend because you’re not alone in this—Kris Jenner is one with you.

In an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Momager Kris Jenner couldn’t have been more relatable. Ellen asked Kris a question pretty much crucial for a mom who handles a family of trendsetters: “What is the one fashion trend you don’t understand?” Kris answers honestly saying she doesn’t get “the bike shorts that Kim wears.”

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Not everyone really understands this trend. Though this throws us all the way back to Princess Diana’s reign as fashion supreme. Madonna has also been seen wearing it back in the 80’s. It’s not a surprise that the trend has recently resurrected just like many others. Virgil Abloh’s one of the many designers who has incorporated bike shorts in their recent collections. What keeps this trend alive is the fact that brands are feeding on it. But perhaps, following a trend isn’t for everyone. There’s always a Kris Jenner in the family, in our group of friends, in our circles. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have reasons for following or not going after trends. One reason we’re not after these is probably “sustainability”, a promise more and more brands have been making to its consumers.

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There’s a critical rule the fashion industry must follow. Every brand has got to follow trends, or make ones even. But that only means sustainability is pushed out of the question. When creating a new trend, we completely disregard the pieces that have only been in our closets for a few weeks time. Every month, brands release collaborations after collaborations, collections after collections. This makes it harder to keep the word “sustainable” in the vocabulary of each brand. But that’s not always a bad idea. Being on trend gives anyone an edge. Call it an investment. Come to think of it, we’ll never really know when we’ll ever get a trend comeback in this day and age.

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Fashion changes and it changes fast. But the beauty of the industry lies in the fact that there’s a place for everyone. Whether you’re all for sustainability or trends, or maybe even both—there’s a room for you here. You can be a trendsetter like Kim or someone who doesn’t really understand everything like Kris. Either way, fashion leaves us in a cycle. The new gets old as the old return anew.


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