Make Mother Nature Proud And Get Your Conscious On With The Latest Planet Saving And Sustainable Threads

Make Mother Nature Proud And Get Your Conscious On With The Latest Planet Saving And Sustainable Threads


Certainly no stranger to the growing consciousness of the sustainability, H&M continues to secure the future of the business, as well as of the Earth with a firm and solid commitment to the long term perspective of ethical fashion. Apart from the lauded H&M Conscious collection, the brand upholds an eagle-eyed focus on to incite a change even in their own effective but highly stylish way.

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It is no secret that the planet Earth is suffering from close to irreparable damages enacted by the human race itself. Not only can you see it with towering stacks of garbage culminating to a toxic landmass or with island-like formations floating aimlessly on the glistening seas, but you can also feel it with the jarring climate that whips from hot to cold in an odd time frame. While the rest of the world turns a blind eye to the maddening life situation, we have to face the facts: We have hit critical mass. And any step further will set us further from the solution if we don’t shape up and act now.

Thankfully, the world has been starting to acclimate to the glaring signs and picking up the slack of generations past. From real estate, the food and beverage sector, and even to the glitziest and most glamorous world of fashion, there have been significant strides made to create a sustainable and ethical perspective to living life as we know it.

One of the forerunners of the sustainable and conscious movement is retail juggernaut, H&M. To secure the future, the brand has long been pushing for ethical fashion with its mission, vision, as well as it’s critically and commercially lauded H&M Conscious Collection. We believe sustainable fashion and design should be available to everyone, not only to a privileged few,” says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB. “Since my grandfather founded the company 70 years ago we have had a long-term perspective. To secure future business it is essential and natural for us to address sustainability proactively.”

Dedicated to creating great eco-chic fashion that is not only stylish and innovative, but most importantly, affordable. H&M has thereby sparked a movement, a revolution even, that aims to have all materials come from sustainable and recycled sources by the year 2030. Despite the brand’s scope and breadth, it still underscores the need to collaborate with key influencers and thought leaders in order to fully verbalize and realize the conscious fashion movement. The goal is that through little but thoughtful steps, significant changes will not only be sustainable now but for the foreseeable future as well.

In the hours leading up to Earth Hour last March 24, 2018, H&M gathered fashion’s key players to participate in a highly informative and much needed discourse on the state of sustainability today. Panelists included Antoinette Taus, advocate for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development and founder of Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA); Vincent V. Hilomen, PHD, Executive Director for Priority Programs, Biodiversity Management Bureau – Department of Environment and Natural Resources (BNB-DENR); His Excellency Ambassador Harald Fries; and H&M Sustainability Manager Xin Yi Won, all of whom have given a startling but stirring visual to the reality we are facing on the day-to-day.

“The awareness brings a sense of disconnection or numbness,” relates Antoinette Taus, citing the proliferation of surface-level and lip-service consciousness that are strewn all over social media today. “It is more than just switching off the lights at different points of the year. It may sound technical but it all boils down to our choices everyday.” People want to get involved, she furthers. It’s just that, people don’t necessarily know where to start, thinking their actions should be bigger than they are initially capable of. A simple matter of shifting the paradigm of the way we live, changes are already made. Using the resources and platforms that you have can already elicit waves of changes from your circle to the rest of the world. Case in point, internationally acclaimed furniture and industrial designer Vito Selma unveiled his latest work inspired by the movement and the latest H&M Conscious Collection.

Featuring elements such as fish nets and other recycled materials, the artist created wave-like installations at the Greenbelt Park that are a sight to behold in the daytime as it is enchanting when cast with a blue light at night. “Sustainability is something we need to be pushing for across the board,” explains Xin-Yi Wong, Sustainbility Manager for H&M Southeast Asia. “By partnering with an artist whose work puts a premium on celebrating Filipino innovation and incorporating his love for nature into his pieces, we hope that more people realize that there are so many ways to be more conscious of the world around us. The best actions forward always begin with a dialogue, and a platform for people to jump start conversations around it–that and a strong commitment to be sustainable and have a genuine care for the welfare of the people and the planet throughout our value chain are what we’re here for.”

On its seventh edition, the Conscious Exclusive 2018 collection is a unique traversing of innovation and traditional Swedish artistry in the guise of Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson. Heavily inspired by Arts and Crafts movement in Sweden, the line features sustainable materials such as recycled silver and ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated fibre from nylon waste. Not stopping there, the design team goes a step further by showcasing a variety of nifty pieces, from accessories crafted from discarded candlesticks to dresses made of fish nets.


From the abstract prints and colors that call to mind the vivid handcrafted tapestries and needlework of Karin, to the collaborative works of the husband and wife, style isn’t by any means set aside in the name of an eagle-eyed focus on innovation. Take your pick from graceful, languid dresses in romantic lace and dainty florals, as well as an intrusion of crisp and modern tailoring that point the whole collection to a more contemporary frame of mind.

While the reality may sound grim to the uninitiated, all is not lost—yet. With the growing consciousness starting to take form in a sizable shift in the world’s viewpoints, there are a lot of things that can be done to ultimately save the planet that we live in. Coddling our lives as we know it in its warm embrace, it is now our responsibility to make a change—no matter how big or small—in order to turn the switch from word-of-mouth to actual tangible results. No matter how mundane or trivial, literally wearing the statement-making threads of the Exclusive Conscious 2018 Collection is a significant step, especially in the world of fashion. Whatever the reaction to the movement may be, the point is crystal clear: The time to act is now. So, get to it, ladies.


See the rest of the H&M Exclusive Conscious 2018 Collection here. The pieces are officially made available today, April 19, in select H&M Stores, as well as online at the H&M website.

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