Kylie Verzosa and Gabbi Garcia Share Their Secret For Salontastic Hair at Home

Kylie Verzosa and Gabbi Garcia Share Their Secret For Salontastic Hair at Home


Have you ever been curious as to how your favorite celebs seem to have amazing hair in every Instagram post, even when they’re at home?

Glamming-up for the camera takes a lot of time and effort. You’ve seen the lengths celebrities go with their stylists in various behind-the-scenes videos and article features just to nail that picture-perfect look. As industry idols, these people we look up to care a lot about their body, face, and especially their hair. It’s their crowning glory, after all, and one of the first things people notice about your overall appearance. For the always glam beauty queen Kylie Verzosa and the ever-talented sweetheart Gabbi Garcia, their preparations for salontastic hair care start at home with the newest Pantene conditioners.

Kylie Verzosa: Keratin Queen

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As someone who is accustomed to television, to the silver screen with the much-anticipated release of “The Housemaid”, to social media with all her OOTDs and travel shots, and especially to magazines such as gracing the cover of MEGA, Kylie is not one to fall short of proper hair care. But before all the expressive hair styles she carries through various photoshoots and tapings, her secret to having such luscious hair begins at home in the shower. 

An essential in her daily routine, the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Keratin Smooth Conditioner has been her go-to for effortlessly soft, smooth, and straight hair to power through an entire day. This new formulation by Pantene gives the kind of smoothness that’s inspired by salon Keratin treatments, yet easy to do at home. Just apply onto damp hair after shampoo, massage onto your strands from end to end, leave it for 2-3 minutes for the signature Pro-V formula and Keratin serum to work its magic, and rinse thoroughly.

“I got my Miss International crown in 2016, but I got my crowning glory from Pantene,” shared Kylie. So, next time you spot a double-tap worthy Kylie post, you now know what goes on behind-the-scenes to achieve that salontastic look.

Gabbi Garcia: Collagen Gal

“Fine, I’m guilty of posting a lot of photos of myself here on Instagram, but who wouldn’t when you have #Salontastic hair,” raised Gabbi. One scroll through her Instagram feed and it’s pretty obvious that Gabbi has hair that is hands-down gorgeous. In fact, a lot of women envy this almost effortless maintenance of such long and luscious hair. Even with her changing environments and activities, such as being in the front seat of a car filming “Front Side Foodie”, or in a closed room recording a new episode of “Figure It Out with Gabbi & Khalil”, Gabbi makes sure to practice good hair health at home.

For Gabbi, great hair care begins with the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Collagen Repair Conditioner. This damage-repair conditioner combines the power of the brand’s signature Pro-Vitamin B5 formula and collagen, a protein naturally found in our bodies that strengthens hair strands from within. For dry and damaged hair due to changing environmental conditions and the twists and turns of hair styling, collagen is perfect to protect every strand, making hair visibly healthy, shiny, and strong. It’s the repair you look for when you rush to your go-to salon, but now possible right at home. Inspired by professional salon techniques, feel a refreshed and renewed mane of hair with this new staple. Just use the conditioner after you shampoo and make sure to give it a minute or two for the serum to do its work. 

With collagen in hair care, Gabbi can now be more confident with her hair in and out of work. “I can style my hair any way I want without worry, as if a salon-expert touched my hair,” she shared.

Even if times change and work takes a different turn, for these two beauties, their love for gorgeous hair remains. Having great hair everyday keeps them on track to achieve their best–no special tricks or closed secrets needed. Flaunt your Insta-worthy salontastic hair online just like your favorite celebs with Pantene conditioners.

Be Salontastic at home with Pantene today! Shop for your next Pantene conditioner and your favorite products at Lazada, and visit their website to learn more.

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