The LED Light Therapy Face Shield Invasion Has Begun. Where Can We Sign Up?

The LED Light Therapy Face Shield Invasion Has Begun. Where Can We Sign Up?


Celebrities flock the internet with photos wearing LED light face shields. Find out what they’re for and where you can get them in the Philippines.

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There have been multiple upgrades of our quarantine essentials since the beginning of the pandemic, especially with all things concerning our delicate face. For example, many of us started out with disposable surgical masks and now we have masks made out of all types of materials. Because of this, it is only natural to think that the LED face shields are for out-of-the-house use. Despite the idea being very Insta-worthy, these LED face shields are used to tackle a different quarantine problem: skin.

The LED Light Therapy Mask is a revolutionary product in the skincare industry because it replicates the clinical LED Light treatment at home. The LED Light service is a popular choice of clients because it has no contra-indications of any kind. This means that is safe to use for all skin types, colors, and conditions. Additionally, LED Light Therapy is used to treat wrinkles, enhance blood circulation, produces collagen, kills bacteria, and so much more using three light settings: red, blue, and amber.

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Many local and international celebrities have been religiously using the LED Light Therapy Mask since it’s first debut in South Korea. A few local celebrities include: Rhian Ramos, Nicole Anderson, Chie Filomeno, Sue Ramirez, Kylie Versosa, Bea Alonzo, Maureen Wroblewitz, Janine Gutierrez, Sofia Andres, and the likes. Across the globe, you’ll find celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Vu wearing the same mask as a part of their skin care routine. Find out where you can shop these masks by checking out the three local online stores that supply them.

Soíe Skin
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Soíe Skin founder, Ellaija Trinidad, is a firm believer in the power of LED Light Therapy. She found out about light therapy through her research on NASA’s solution to astronauts tissue healing and repair in the 1980s. After discovering the new at-home light therapy tech available in Korea, she quickly found ways to bring the best products to the Philippines. Soíe Skin does not stop there as they will continue to offer multiple tech products for the Filipinas everywhere.

Beauty Hue

Tess Grafilo is the flight attendant turned entrepreneur through her business, Her passion is to discover the most convenient ways to practice skincare for those who are in need of some self-care. Apart from the LED Light Therapy Mask, offers other skincare devices that tackle different dermal problems.

Normali Lifestyle
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If you’re looking for quarantine essentials, then Normali Lifestyle would have the right product assortment for you. Their products range from LED Light Therapy Masks to Smart Compact Air Purifiers. They have understood the inevitable changes that the pandemic has brought and are adamant in keeping up with the times.

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