Lesley Mobo Closes BENCH Fashion Week With a Tropical Festival

Lesley Mobo Closes BENCH Fashion Week With a Tropical Festival


London-based Filipino fashion designer Lesley Mobo showcased his line “Tropical Terno” alongside his collection in collaboration with BENCH.

Over the course of the pandemic, a fascination towards the Filipiniana and tropical patterns bloomed as London-based Filipino designer, Lesley Mobo, shared his creations on Instagram. Entitled “Tropical Ternos,” the fashion presentation was a series of Filipiniana reiterations that explored techniques, colors, compositions, and silhouettes showcased against tropical aspects of nature.

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A line that celebrates our culture and heritage finally walked on the runway alongside new creations as Lesley Mobo caps off BENCH Fashion Week.

With lights dimmed and classic Filipino music filled the air, the first look—a figure-hugging Filipiniana with red, white, and purple hues that pop against the green and striking red Anthuriums cascading down the bodice—made its way down the catwalk.

But gallantry and festivity immediately took place as more tropical Filipinianas were presented. Each piece was uniquely designed with such meticulous drapings, ruffles, and pleats decorated with bright hues of pink, yellow, red, and green. 

After a series of vivid Filipinianas, the next line featured was Lesley Mobo’s collaboration with BENCH. Utilizing classic silhouettes and ensembles, the designer incorporated his style through embroideries, prints, and color compositions that featured elements of our heritage. 

And in his own rendition of the Higantes festival, Lesley Mobo officially closed the night with massive tropical Filipinianas that were decorated with ruffles from the waist until the hem while some had tulle that trailed from the bodice.

Known for his eye for extravagance and anything elegant, it was refreshing to see Lesley Mobo’s interpretation of the Filipiniana that brought such life and vibrancy to our culture. 

Photography ED SIMON

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