Let Belle, Heart, Nadine, Bea, and Andrea Help You Pick Your Valentine’s Day Style

Let Belle, Heart, Nadine, Bea, and Andrea Help You Pick Your Valentine’s Day Style


Take a cue on how to style yourself for Love Day with the help of your favorite female stars

Ever wondered if your Valentine’s Day style is more avant-garde than your taste in dessert, or if your fashion choices are as bold as your assertions of affection? Well, fear not, because Belle Mariano, Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, Bea Alonzo, and Andrea Brillantes are here to be your style compass in the maze of romance. Get ready to discover whether your wardrobe is whispering sweet nothings or shouting declarations of love.

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Belle Mariano: Experimental youth

The Can’t Buy Me Love actress is acing her transition from the child star history to her leading lady status. While she is solidifying her chic style steadily, she still leaves more room to play with textures, colors, and prints. For your upcoming plans, why don’t you surprise yourself and even your date for the day to layer your outfit with something you usually won’t be caught wearing? Just remember to tick off comfort over confidence for it. 

Let These 5  Celebrities Determine Your Valentine's Day Style BELLE MARIANO
Belle Mariano in Moschino

Maybe you can pull off utensils as accents with a touch of culinary chic. The Moschino top is a sprinkle of forks and knives adorning the front bodice that serves as much as you get served. Mariano’s look is unconventional, a play on textures through customary utensil-work, not for food for the stomach, but for the eyes. It’s a work that’s both avant-garde and delightful, if not also a delicious Valentine’s Day outfit.

Heart Evangelista: Grounded elegance

When love has long settled in your life, the impulse to go loud and proud progresses into a quiet certainty. Heart’s affair with fashion goes the same way. Gone are the days she vies for elaborate logos and statement brands. These days, she opts for basics that she brings further into the years to come. Don’t let others associate basics with plain and boring. Call them buildable. 

Let These 5  Celebrities Determine Your Valentine's Day Style HEART EVANGELISTA
Heart Evangelista in Fendi

Comfort and style combine to create an appealing image that brings a welcome break to the eyes looking at the style icon, usually decked in couture. In this refreshing ensemble, Evangelista wears a brown sleeveless top with an intriguing detail of a rectangular fabric sewn to one side, creating a sense of fluidity along its structure. The look is complemented by flared midi-shorts, providing the illusion of a skirt, and topped off with its matching blazer. To accentuate the outfit, the statement piece comes in the form of a red triangular bag, mirroring the color detail of the top. What a sight for sore eyes, especially in casual clothes—but don’t get it wrong, it’s Fendi; perfectly acceptable for a date.

Nadine Lustre: Nature play

The “N” in Nadine’s name stands for nature, and these days, her style adjusts to her indoor and outdoor plans. If you’re like Nadine, knowing where you’re going is the key to dressing for the date. Breathable fabrics or earth tones are one option. 

Let These 5  Celebrities Determine Your Valentine's Day Style NADINE LUSTRE
Nadine Lustre in Alison Castro

Dining al fresco? Absolutely! In this country, there are moments when it’s a necessity, especially when nature calls with the cool breeze. And in a beach setting, it becomes downright essential. Lustre plays the role of nature’s siren, adorned in an ensemble by Alison Castro. The dress, seemingly layered and sewn with a bodysuit, exudes a beachy yet glamorous vibe that moves across diverse settings, even in the heart of the city. With its flowing silhouette, protective embrace, and, most importantly, an air of breeziness, it becomes the perfect attire under the sun—and the appreciative gaze of your date.

Bea Alonzo: Structured certainty

If it’s in you to keep it creative while sticking to the neutrals, the actress’ style is for you. Balance between playing with geometric shapes and silhouettes, but also keeping it toned down by opting for basics and neutrals, perfect for someone like Bea who is transitioning to a new phase in her life as a bride-to-be

Let These 5  Celebrities Determine Your Valentine's Day Style BEA ALONZO
Bea Alonzo in Rebecca Vallance

Looking to add some shape to your ensemble? In Alonzo’s case, it’s an abundance of it. The actress dons a black sleek and meticulously structured babydoll silhouette, evoking a mature essence with its plunging neckline. The Rebecca Vallance dress is decorated with pearl details, embellishing the entire attire, including the puff sleeves. The pièce de résistance lies in the striking bows, three of them elegantly placed over the revealing section at the front of the outfit. Coquette is like a Valentine’s Day gift to Alonzo. 

Andrea Brillantes: Androgynous adventurer

From oversized shirts to suits, Andrea blurred the lines of her fashion choices lately. Matching her lady boss energy, get inspiration from her button-downs and loose trousers for a change. 

Let These 5  Celebrities Determine Your Valentine's Day Style ANDREA BRILLANTES
Andrea Brillantes in Prada

Working on Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret—go workwear chic through the Corpcore aesthetic. With the help of Prada, Brillantes dons an all-black ensemble that mixes matte and shine with the help of an attractive satin shirt, paired with, of course, a Prada tie sewn with its triangular logo. The outfit effortlessly transitions from day to night, work table to dining table. Why waste the look to hear the clacking of keyboards when you can feel the warmth of a candlelit setting? 

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Fashion is the language that speaks volumes when words fall short. Whether you’re embracing experimental youth, grounded elegance, nature play, structured certainty, or androgynous adventure, let your attire be your date. This Valentine’s Day, let your style be the love letter you send to yourself and the world. Happy styling and even happier Love Day!

Featured Image: BEA ALONZO (via Instagram)


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