5 Fashionistas You Didn’t Know Had A Hidden Talent

5 Fashionistas You Didn’t Know Had A Hidden Talent


They say any form of art is a form of power.

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It’s no surprise that your favorite fashionistas are incredibly creative. It’s the reason why they stand out from a crowd, after all. While these women have an eye for all things aesthetic, they’re also super talented for things beyond beauty and fashion. In fact, they’re so ridiculously talented that they could be known for something entirely different from the skill that put them on the map, or you know, just fashion.

Who are we talking about? Well, we’ve got a list. But what better way to start it than to put the spotlight on the Gibbs sisters? 

Gabs and Chi Gibbs

Photo from @gabsgibbs on Instagram

Aside from being known for their last names and initially gaining attention from being influencers who love sharing expertise in fashion and beauty, Gabs and Chi are actually quite exceptional at making music too. Just recently, the Gibbs sisters released a captivating ’70s-‘80s disco glam music video for their single, No Hearts. (We’re not even kidding when we say this track has been on repeat non stop since we stumbled upon it through their Instagram posts.)

Talking about the concept of the video, Chi said, “Gabs and I are huge ABBA fans and we kinda wanted to pay homage! We tried to evoke the glamour and attitude of ‘70s divas and ‘80s rockstars. We’re highly influenced by the aesthetics of Cher, Elton John and the Runaways.”

While the glamorous vibe of the music video was mesmerizing, it was really how catchy the song was that made the song worth pressing the replay button.

“Music is something we’ve always loved. We grew up in a household where our dad would make music and we’d always get involved in the process of it. We’d write stuff here and there, record on our voice notes, but honestly never thought we’d actually make our own record,” Chi says.

As for the inspiration of the lyrics, Chi shared that it started with the line, ‘no hearts for you.’

Gabs thought of it referencing to Instagram when you like a photo and you give someone hearts. She was like: ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we wrote something about that?’ Then the whole idea of the song was developed. It’s a cheeky play on heartbreak. It’s about knowing your worth and what you deserve in a relationship. It’s about having the confidence to move on to something better.”

Gabs and Chi have only just started in the music industry, but they have no plans of stopping. Expect to see more of the stylish duo as they have multiple songs already written, waiting to be released.

Kim Cruz

Photo from @kimcruzart on Instagram

Kim Cruz, who rose to fame as a MYX VJ and model-blogger, also has an eye for painting. Kim, though always looking classy with her polished outfits, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The 21-year-old has a separate Instagram account where she shows off her artworks.

Issa Pressman

Photo from @pressmanissa on Instagram

Issa Pressman, who gained notoriety as a social media influencer, exudes such confidence and swagger by simply just being herself. As soon as she steps into the room, there’s a certain vibe to her that gets everyone’s attention. You know, like a moth to a flame? Maybe it’s her daring, ever-evolving hair or her equally head-turning sense of fashion, or maybe it’s a dancer’s confidence that just makes her look the like cool girl everyone wants to be? This multi-talented digital native can dance, paint, style, and do makeup like a professional. Is there anything she can’t do?

Jessica Yang

Photo from @jesych on Instagram

You’ve seen her in every magazine, starring in editorial photoshoots, gracing the runway for local designers, and making waves for challenging the status quo on social media. Jessica Yang is an It-girl, a model-slash-influencer, and once-upon-a-time, a musician. The Taiwanese model has tried her hand out in the music industry a few years ago, releasing original songs on Spotify that we still listen to up to this day.


Janeena Chan

Photo from @janeenachan on Instagram

Janeena Chan can brighten up any room with her energy and passion. While she’s mostly known for hosting events and television shows, Janeena also used to put her voice to good use by uploading covers on YouTube. In the video, Janeena shared that she has, “always loved singing ever since pre-school.”


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