Local Marathons, Triathlons, and Obstacle Races to Look Forward to This 2023

Local Marathons, Triathlons, and Obstacle Races to Look Forward to This 2023


Are you an athlete or running enthusiast in need of a good challenge? Set your sights on these fitness events happening this year

Sometimes, looking and feeling good isn’t enough. When you’re active and physically fit, it’s only natural that you would want to test your own limits. If you’re on this path and would like to do more with the strength you have, why not register at any one of these listed sports events? When everything is said and done, you could walk away with more than just a confidence boost, but a medal for your efforts as well.


Marathons are a great entry point to non-competitive sports events. Some noteworthy marathons happening this year include the Davao International Marathon on March 5, which has a 5km fun run up to a 42km marathon. If you think you’re ready for a marathon happening in just a few weeks, then perhaps the Athena Olympus Challenge is right for you. Happening on January 29, the Athena Olympus Challenge takes place in Pasay City and it still has 10km runners slots open for registration. Alternatively, you can opt for the Baguio Marathon on February 26, which is still accepting late registrants for all its distance categories.

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However, if road running isn’t for you, then trail running probably is. Some of your most immediate choices happening this February include the Sta. Ines Mountain Adventure Run and the San Mateo Mountain Run in Rizal, as well as the VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge happening on January 28 in Baguio City. You may also want to accomplish one or more of the Spartan TRAILFECTA, beginning with the Cebu Trail on March 18, the Alviera Trail on May 27, and ending with the Baguio Trail Weekend on September 30 to October 1.


If you plan to compete in a triathlon, get ready to commit to months of swimming, cycling, and running training in preparation because you would need to be at peak health to finish one. Arguably the most recognizable triathlon, IRONMAN, is holding three events in the country this year. Happening first is ​​IRONMAN 70.3 Davao on March 26, followed by IRONMAN 70.3 Subic Bay on June 11, and IRONMAN 70.3 Puerto Princesa on November 12. Notably, one of the details that set these triathlon courses apart is the biking and running path type. The Davao course’s biking and running paths are both flat, while the Subic Bay running path includes rolling hills. Meanwhile, the Puerto Princesa biking and running paths include rolling hills.

In case you’re a beginner to triathlons, these next options may be best for you. First, there’s the TriFactor Triathlon, which is happening this February 12 in Subic Bay and comes in three categories: individual Olympic distance, individual sprint distance, and Olympic team relay. While the team relays are all at Olympic distance, the individual sprint category features just a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride, and a 5km run. Alternatively, there’s the Go For Gold Sunrise Sprint happening on July 9 in Bohol, which also features a 750m open-water swim, a 20km bike ride, and a 5km run.

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Obstacle races

There’s no greater test of grit than the Spartan Race, whose first event begins on February 18 in Vermosa, Cavite. Three races will take place on that day, namely “Sprint,” which is a 5km run with 20 obstacles; “Super,” a 10km run with 25 obstacles; and finally, the Hurricane Heat endurance event. There will also be a Sprint event happening on May 27 in Alviera, Pampanga along with “Beast,” which is a 21km run with 30 obstacles.

The next option is particularly beginner-friendly and it is the New Clark City Athletic Stadium Stadion, which is a 5km run and 20 obstacle event happening on July 15. Finally, Spartan Race ends the year with the previously mentioned Baguio Trail Weekend—which you can end with a Hurricane Heat event—and the Montclair Trifecta Weekend. The Montclair Trifecta Weekend takes place on November 18 to 19 in Pampanga and has three races: Sprint, Super, and Beast. Notably, if you choose to register for all three races and then manage to finish them all, you can walk away with the 2023 Trifecta Weekend Medal.

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To prepare for these Spartan Races, you can also register for the January 31 “Stay Obstacle Sports Fit” challenge to test yourself in a low-stakes environment. You get three tries to complete the obstacle course, and your running time will be recorded on a leaderboard. This challenge will only be held at the Bridgetowne Obstacle Park, Galleria Obstacle Zone, and Arcovia Ninja Obstacle on Water.

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