LOOK: Designer Christian Louboutin Just Made Jeepneys More Chic

LOOK: Designer Christian Louboutin Just Made Jeepneys More Chic


You may know him for his “red bottoms” as Cardi B puts it, but this time internationally acclaimed fashion designer Christian Louboutin just won the heart and soles of many Filipinos with his newest collection that’s inspired by none other than the hustling and bustling Manila.

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After his successful Mexicaba and Africaba collections, the “Shoe King” travels to Manila and takes inspiration from the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and its many ethnic groups, leading him to collaborate with GREAT (“Gender Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation of Women) Women in ASEAN initiative which aims to empower women entrepreneurs, thus the birth of MANILACABA.

Christian was stunned by Manila’s busy streets while he was stuck in the city’s ever-inevitable traffic jam, specifically the iconic jeepney. The people of Manila adorned them with vibrant decorations, filling up every empty space as a way to protect themselves against evil spirits.

MANILACABA is a light-hearted tribute to all the best local craftsmen and artisans of the country. On the front of the Tote, cotton threads and sequins are embroidered into a playful wink to the crowded jeepneys, which are also referenced on the lining of the bag in an eye-popping pattern that transcribes Manila’s passionate lifestyle.

Aside from jeepneys, Christian was also enchanted by the Philippine’s beautiful beaches and seas, which he honors with the Piloutin. Inspired by the shimmering seabed, they are ornamented with brilliant Swarovski crystals and beaming with pearlescent shells.

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“I have always been captivated by the Philippines’ beauty: the perfect combination of sparkles, Mother-Of-Pearl and Shells. But this project really started to make sense to me when I discovered the richness and the quality of craftsmanship of the GREAT women in ASEAN artisans were able to develop.” said Christian Louboutin. For every MANILACABA purchased, ten percent of the benefits will be donated to the initiative to contribute to its development.

The MANILACABA Collection by Louboutin is available at Rustan’s Department Stores.

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