Major Celebrity Interactions at Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music Event

Major Celebrity Interactions at Billboard Philippines’ Women in Music Event


The biggest names in the Philippine music landscape were celebrated at the Women in Music Billboard Philippines’ event—and here are some of the highlights from the show.

In the territory of music, the world is not that wide. Speaking through lyric and performance is something that many if not all in attendance at the Billboard Philippines Women in Music event share in sentiment. So while it was an evening celebrating the female powerhouses that graced the landscape of local music, it was also an incredible night of memorable interactions.

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Denise Julia fangirls over Sarah Geronimo

The rising R&B star and the Popstar Royalty were captured in one frame, and Denise Julia couldn’t help her obvious elation being beside and hugging Sarah Geronimo. “Oh my God!” she all but squealed in excitement on the blue carpet. Rightfully so, on a night that celebrates women, the interaction between the two inventive and powerful musicians was a moment to remember.

Sarah Geronimo and Denise Julia are powerhouse women in the music scene

Mimiyuuuh and Moira Dela Torre’s beautiful friendship

The stars share a cute moment and hug for the cameras on the blue carpet, showcasing their unexpected yet genuine friendship. In 2020, they collaborated for a YouTube vlog in which Moira became Mimiyuuuh’s ‘vocal coach’ for the day, and the rest, as they say, is history. On having found true friendship with Moira, Mimiyuuuh said, “Grabe si Moi, sobrang bait ni Moi. Sobrang unexpected ng friendship naminNagigingatesiya sa akin when it comes to the industry, when it comes to with wisdom and advice.” Tonight, on celebrating Moira’s music, Mimiyuuuh presented her the HITMAKER award, saying, “Share ko lang na deserve ng friend ko itong award na ito.” Mimiyuuuh’s support for Moira is truly a beautiful sight to witness.

Mimiyuuuh and Moira Dela Torre share a genuine friendship In the industry

SB19’s Stell calls BINI ‘sisters in pop’

Both succeeding in championing the local music industry, SB19 and BINI have reinforced their footprint in giving Philippine pop a broader appreciation. Tonight, as BINI is recognized for the impact of their music and their commitment to authenticity in their work, SB19’s vocalist Stell presents the group with their Rising Star award. Stell greeted BINI’s fans, Blooms, and says he is honored to be presenting the award to “our sisters in pop.”: “Sama sama nating itaguyod ang Filipino music here and on the global stage.”

The two groups have crossed paths before with their 2022 collaboration of Kabataang Pinoy, originally by The Itchyworms, and have taken to the stage many times together. BINI’s Sheena also danced to SB19’s Gento on TikTok, and three of the boys (Pablo, Justin, and Stell) also did BINI’s Karera dance challenge. Now, they meet on stage with this prestigious award, and it is also worth noting how Stell [INTERACTIONS] with the girls. What a moment for P-pop groups to shine.

SB19’s Stell poses with the nation’s girl group, BINI

Love in and for music

Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid are truly this nation’s love team in the world of music—with the former having a celebrated catalog of songs and the latter selling over hundreds of thousands of records. Music does indeed bind their love, which is why it is a significant and emotional moment for Ogie to award his wife as the first honoree of Billboard Philippines’ Powerhouse award. The couple navigate the music industry together and individually, which is why it is momentous for Ogie to present this rightful award to Regine to celebrate her work and artistry. She also takes this moment to express her love for her family, saying in her speech, “Ang aking legacy ay ang aking anak. People will forget about me, will forget about my voice, but my son will remember me forever.” It’s emotional to note that being an artist is often a vulnerable path, and being a mother and a wife is never a lesser feat.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid poses on the blue carpet with husband Ogie Alcasid and son Nate Alcasid

Sarah Geronimo, the recipient of the Woman of the Year award, also shared the beautiful moment of receiving her accolade with husband Matteo Guidicelli on stage. In propelling Filipino music to a larger stage nationwide and abroad, Sarah’s remarkable impact and illustrious career over the years is commemorated and acknowledged—and no one is prouder than Matteo.

Matteo shows support to wife Sarah, continuously proving how their love is evident


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