Manny Mua Paid A Filipino Fan $300 To Set Up A Makeup Mystery Box And These Are His Unfiltered Thoughts

Manny Mua Paid A Filipino Fan $300 To Set Up A Makeup Mystery Box And These Are His Unfiltered Thoughts


Tapping a Filipino fan to set up a makeup mystery box, Manny Mua tried unfamiliar beauty products all the way from the Philippines with additional non-beauty local items that are hilarious. 

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In the recent episode of his makeup mystery series where Manny Mua would send $300 to a fan to curate beauty products in one mystery box, he immediately said yes to a DM of a Filipino fan. After receiving (by far) the biggest makeup mystery box that made it to his series, he was not just overwhelmed with the amount of makeup inside it, but also on how much of the world-famous Filipino hospitality came along with it.

Manny is no stranger to the Filipino culture. Although he hasn’t been in the country previously, he had Filipino best friends and appreciates the culture as it mirrors the Latino culture, which he grew up in. He says that he had tons of favorite Filipino food like pansit, lumpia, and ube kalihim. While the Filipino fan obviously knows that the makeup guru is into ube flavor, she included ube-flavored wafer sticks and candies.

Dissecting every item from the box, which included a table top Filipino flag and cards with combined Tagalog and English messages such as, “Hello,” “Kamusta,” and “Mahal Kita,” we can all agree that it’s very natural for Filipinos to share a bit of warmth of spirit of community. Needless to say, food was included in the unboxing, such as more local food products like Fudgee Bar, and dried mangoes. Knowing that he’s really fond of receiving local trinkets and souvenirs apart from the beauty products, the fan also sent in a keychain, fridge magnet, t-shirt, miniature nipa hut, and a wooden naked trinket. You know us Filipinos, we often quite associate humor with a lot of stuff.

Besides all these, Manny Mua was impressed to see how the fan organized the beauty products accordingly. The Philippines is spoiled for makeup choices and local beauty brands working hard to meet high standards of beauty products, it is safe to say that we have a good range of products that certainly won’t disappoint. Now, we’re all ears on what he has to say about Happy Skin, blk cosmetics, Téviant, Ellana Minerals, Issy and Co., She Cosmetics, Squad Cosmetics, Fresh Sunglow, Anne Clutz Makeup brushes, Luxe Organix Beauty Mist by Anne Clutz, Moone Beauty, and Colourette Cosmetics.

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Photos from @mannymua733 on Instagram

Much to his delight, some products even reminded him of the current ones he’s been using, like how the Sunglow Tinted Sunscreen by Fresh Products is close to IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, because both are loaded with SPF 50. With cream blushes remaining as an on-going trend in the local beauty industry, Manny gave it a shot. Initially, he admitted that  that he’s not really into cream formulations, but the pop of color that these pots delivered were an absolute stunner to him, same thing with the other highly-pigmented palettes. The unique packaging of face stack and universal lip switch by blk cosmetics gave a jaw-dropping moment for Manny. Carefully comparing products on each side of his face, his honest reviews says it all and if you’ve been using these products, too, we suggest you watch the full video below.

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