Meet John Lozano, the Stylist of Today’s Biggest Filipino Male Stars

Meet John Lozano, the Stylist of Today’s Biggest Filipino Male Stars


Get to know John Lozano, the stylist behind the looks of today’s biggest stars, from Donny Pangilinan to James Reid

As MEGA Man aims to shine a constant light on creatives in the field, we kick off the Stylist Spotlight series with none other than John Lozano. In an exclusive interview, the stylist candidly shares his beginnings in the industry, his experience working with big names in show business, and the fashion ventures he envisions for the future.

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How his journey started

John Lozano
John Lozano’s styling career was not planned but rather destined for him

“I started really early. I think I was 19 at the time and I was actually still in school. I first got featured in a magazine as one of the 25 most stylish students in Manila. And then from there, the editor asked me if I wanted to style an editorial for their magazine.” Despite his initial doubts, John shared that this opportunity set the foundation for everything he has learned. “I didn’t really take it seriously until I [accidentally] joined a styling competition for a denim brand and eventually won it,” he adds.

Before fully committing to his role as a stylist, Lozano shared that he dabbled in various sidelines, such as creative direction, event direction, brand management, and marketing. However, he emphasized that styling has consistently remained the core of his career. Lozano also credited singer Sitti as his first celebrity client, expressing gratitude for the opportunity and trust she has given to him. “Sometimes, all you need is that one shot, then if you make the most out of it, you will succeed,” the stylist mentions. 

Collaborating with big artists

Gary Valenciano
Gary Valenciano; Photography JAYSON ISAAC, Grooming BERNARD RODIL NAVARETE

When asked how it feels to style prominent personalities now like Gary Valenciano, Donny Pangilinan, and James Reid, Lozano conveyed that his sentiments echo those from his early days. “A client is a client, and regardless of who they are, big or small, celebrity or not, I treat all of them with the same respect and professionalism,” Lozano stated. 

My clients’ satisfaction and happiness is my priority—always. But, nevertheless, the ride has always been fun for sure, and I always enjoy every second of it.”

John Lozano on working with some of the biggest names in the industry today

He shared that the only difference now from when he started is that he’s better equipped to meet the demands of the job and he can uphold his personal stylistic standards. While acknowledging the ever-present pressure, particularly from fans eagerly anticipating his prepared looks, he clarified that the primary focus is ensuring his clients’ satisfaction rather than meeting external audiences’ expectations.

Donny Pangilinan
Donny Pangilinan; Photography GEE PLAMENCO, GROOMING Ryan Pareno

His most memorable experience

When reflecting on his most significant and unforgettable projects, the stylist affirmed there are indeed many. However, beyond the projects themselves, he emphasizes that the lessons he gained hold the utmost value. “One of which I will never forget was during Lea Salonga’s concert. During a quick change, her gown would not come off because the zipper got stuck. I was panicking really bad, and we ended up cutting the zipper off. The whole time, she was just so calm, and I remember she told me to just relax. ‘It is what it is,’ she said. We have had several of these instances, and she never once blamed me for them. This taught me that there are things in styling and in life that we cannot control. And we just have to let them go because panicking won’t help,” John reminisces. 

James Reid
James Reid; Phtography DOOKIE DUCAY, Grooming MAC IGARTA

Top style rule for men  

When it comes to styling tips for men and how to create a look, Lozano’s advice is clear: always choose a look that feels comfortable. “Stay true to yourself and don’t force anything. There are minor rules here and there when it comes to fit and color matching, but ultimately, style is personal, and that should always be the priority.” 

His next goal

John Lozano shares his goals as a stylist
The stylist shares that his next goal is to be a mentor

Content with his accomplishments and grateful for the opportunity to work with those he looks up to, John reveals his current ultimate goal as a stylist. “If there’s anything I aspire to do, it would be to share what I have learned with the new batch of stylists and those who aspire to be one. I believe there’s so much wisdom that comes with experience, and honestly, this one article is not nearly enough to cover all that I have been through in the past two decades as a celebrity stylist,” he expresses.

Photography JB DE LEON
Jewelry TIFFANY & CO.

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