Stylist John Lozano Shares Secrets Behind Donny Pangilinan’s Style For the ABS-CBN Ball

Stylist John Lozano Shares Secrets Behind Donny Pangilinan’s Style For the ABS-CBN Ball


Join us as we get an insider’s peek at Donny Pangilinan’s ABS-CBN Ball look, courtesy of his stylist, John Lozano

Navigating the world of men’s formal attire might seem daunting, but for John Lozano, it’s second nature. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, he provides an inside look at the process behind Donny Pangilinan’s striking appearance at the star-studded ABS-CBN Ball. Take a walk with us past the velvet ropes as we delve into the actor’s style journey, as seen through the eyes of his personal stylist.

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Edgy and effortless

The actor's preparations

From the moment the ball was announced, John’s mission was clear: to find a designer or a brand that would make the actor’s star power truly undeniable. “Eventually, we decided on Louis Vuitton and luckily, they were also keen on dressing Donny, so it was meant to be,” he shared.

At first, the stylist said he had a more traditional look in mind—think sharp suit and tie or bowtie. But just a week before the event, a fashion twist hit, and embracing the edgy side became the name of the game. “As we were planning and fitting, the ‘edginess’ eventually came out, and we came up with a look that’s classic with a twist. I guess it goes to show that your true personality will really come through no matter what.”

No limits and no references

When it came to this year’s ball look, the stylist confessed to having no specific inspiration in mind. However, there was one goal: to present a sharp silhouette, in stark contrast to Donny’s oversized ABS-CBN Prom attire. With this vision, John recognized that partnering with a classic brand like Louis Vuitton would effortlessly infuse their look with a fresh and refined twist. 

Donny’s hands-on approach

According to John, the actor had a significant say in crafting his entire look. First, opting for an all-black ensemble was a no-brainer for the team, considering it’s Donny’s favorite color. Additionally, the Can’t Buy Me Love lead had a keen interest in adorning earrings for the look, a stylish choice that Lozano wholeheartedly supported.

Louis Vuitton ensemble

When asked about Donny’s initial reaction to his wardrobe choices, John revealed that the 25-year-old actor was genuinely excited. Louis Vuitton had presented them with a plethora of choices, leaving them so thrilled that, even on ball day, the decision was still up in the air.

Achieving the look together

In the final countdown to the big event, the actor shared a photo on his Instagram story, captioned with a powerful message about teamwork, acknowledging the vital support he’s received on his journey to the ABS-CBN Ball. John also expressed his gratitude to the Louis Vuitton Philippines team for going the extra mile to provide everything they need—from accessories to shoes, ties, belts, and beyond.

The stylist’s story

Donny Pangilinan's look for the ABS-CBN Ball

“It was a breeze,” exclaimed John when asked about the journey of creating this year’s ABS-CBN Ball look with the Kapamilya star. With genuine joy, the stylist shared, “Donny is very easy to work with, and Louis Vuitton was so accommodating, so I would say it was a walk in the park for us, and everything just really fell into place. We couldn’t be any happier.”

Photographer JAN MAYO

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