MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Popping Color Blocks

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Popping Color Blocks


Evoke the spirit of the season with stacked up blocks of color that are every bit as a jolt of joy as it is a step outside your comfort zone.

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Nothing quite says holiday cheer than a full-on, colorful look. Lucky for us, mixing and matching—and even clashing—hues are back and better than ever. Color-blocking was seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs where yellows were worn with purples, while Victoria Beckham sent down ensembles that paired crimson with pinks, purples, and blues. The trend has been so  prominent that the stylish guests of international fashion weeks got the memo not too long after. And who can blame them? The look is fun, memorable, and exciting.

When it comes to color-blocking, there’s only one rule—the more unexpected, the better. A tip is to utilize the color wheel, pick the opposing colors and pair them together. Putting together kelly green and scarlet red with magenta coat draped over for an interesting color combination and a chic pairing, the color block trend is equally a statement. Prior to its emerging popularity, color blocking first dominated the fashion industry through high fashion house like Yves Saint Laurent. And, we got to add more colors non-stop. If you want to add a pop of color to what’s already a polychromatic look, accessorize yourself with vibrant accessories.

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Photography by Kieran Punay of Studio 100
Creative Direction Shaira Bungcag
Makeup by Karmela Jabla of MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Red Echavia of Aveda Philippines
Final Artists Jemy Sta. Ana & Zoe Arriola

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