MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Matrix Leather

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Matrix Leather


A toughened up exterior doesn’t mean you’ll have to forego the sensuality in an all-leather look. With imprints of Charlie’s Angels and Black Widow, this gift guide will prove how you can wear this come-at-me texture well beyond the holidays.

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A dominatrix, a spy, an angel…Black leather has always had a connotation of power as seen in every sci-fi film of the Y2K millennium. The Matrix, a movie released at a time of massive change and uncertainty, was a mark of a new age. In the 1999 film, the Matrix crew would enter the simulation and their ragged clothes from the real world would transform into shiny black leather. From leather trench coats, small black sunglasses, to liquid leather bodysuits, leather became a symbol of luxury and otherworldly fantasies. But it wasn’t just cool, it was also a statement of resistance; with humans plugging into the matrix to fight for the freedom of humanity.

Now, leather is deemed as sexy, sleek, and shiny, but it’s also intimidating to wear because you could easily look cosplay-ish if you don’t know how to style it. But lately, we have seen the most stylish women, like supermodel Elsa Hosk, descend the streets on the fashion capitals for the S/S ’20 shows, donning the matrix leather ensemble. So, for this year’s MEGA Holiday Gift Guide 2019, I decided to conquer my fear of leather and fulfill my childhood spy fantasy by dressing up in top-to-toe black leather. And if there’s one thing I learned about this material, it’s that there’s always at least one leather item to tickle your fancy. Below, you’ll find different Matrix Leather-inspired items that will surely please even the pickiest of recipients.


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