Filming Cara X Jagger may have admittedly taken a toll on both Ruru Madrid and Jasmine Curtis, but it built a strong bond between them.

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To be able to forgive someone, you first have to forgive yourself.

Those were the words of Ruru Madrid as he reflected on his upcoming movie, Cara X Jagger, alongside leading lady, Jasmine Curtis. The love story, directed by Ice Idanan, centers around the theme of a painful breakup and a love worth remembering.

Coming out this November 6, the film is starkly juxtaposed in a situation where Cara (Jasmine Curtis), a girl who has a condition where she can’t forget, has to cross paths with her ex, Jagger (Ruru Madrid) after he gets into an accident that makes him lose his memory. With the request of Jagger’s grandfather to help him remember who he was, she is then faced with the painful task of seeing her ex once more.

“Cara, she’s very meticulous with details and information. She has a condition called hyperthymesia that makes her remember every single thing,” describes Jasmine about her character. “And that includes emotions. So, whenever she sees Jagger, naaalala niya ‘yung feeling of heartbreak, the reason for their breakup. It feels like kahapon lang siya nangyari.

Cara X Jagger is Jasmine’s first mainstream movie as the lead actress, but she is no stranger to roles that require intense emotions. For this movie, however, both Jasmine and Ruru have to play characters that have two different personalities: pre-breakup and post-breakup.

Ruru, who is also playing the leading man for the first time, shares the challenges he had to face while filming the movie. “Minsan nagshu-shoot kami ng isang scene na past and then present naman, perosame place.

While Jasmine explains, “Sanay kaming actors na ‘yung narrative, kahit na may flashback, parang ang tagal na then once mo lang babalikan yung flashback sa story. Eh eto, parang ilang beses magfa-flashback and it’s not just visually, kundi sa character internallySo, kailangan makita mo na she’s feeling the pain as if it was 2013.

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The movie is heavily invested in the emotional toll on Cara and Jagger’s breakup. Jasmine gracefully nods to their director, Ice Idanan, for helping them feel as if the relationship is lived-in and significant, making Cara’s grief still poignant after years.

“I feel like the audience will hurt more for Cara, but eventually down the line, makikita natin na hindi lang one-sided ang pain. Both pains are valid,” Jasmine says.

Filming the movie may have admittedly taken a toll on both Ruru and Jasmine, but it built a strong bond between them

When asked what they would miss the most about the set, they shared nothing but good memories. “Sobra akong na-sepanx,” says Ruru. “That’s one of the hardest things sa pag-film ng pelikula kasi syempre you’re used sa mga kasama mo and eventually matatapos lahat.” To which Jasmine agrees and says, “Kasi ang ganda ng energy sa set. Everyone knew what they were doing. I think just accomplishing the day’s work, nakakamiss siya kasi not all sets are like that. Not all production and co-actors magiging friends mo.”

What’s special about Jasmine is her ability to stand up and speak out. As someone with a huge platform, she acknowledges the social responsibility that entails being an actress. While she doesn’t have a say in the direction of the movie, her close relationship with the production team makes it easier for her to raise concerns about her character’s dialogue and behavior. When asked if they had ever requested to change some things about their character, Ruru playfully teases that Jasmine had a notebook full of notes about what she wanted to change in the film and Jasmine laughs and unabashedly admits to it.

With a generation that is deemed hypersensitive, Jasmine understands and chooses to join the path to progression.

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“Whenever I read a script, kapag ‘di ko maramdaman yung flow niya from the get-go, I take notes. I think there were just a few aspects of the story where I felt might be a little out of touch with today’s generation. So, in order to hook that audience, I asked if we could change things around,” she says.

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“Maybe there were a few things that might come off insensitive, even if hindi namin intention. Feeling ko kasi I have the responsibility to portray things that are well-curated in the most authentic manner.”

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Cara X Jagger, in its core, is a story that explores forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Can Cara fully move on? Could Jagger regain his memory and pick up where he left off? Will they overcome the trials of their relationship and get back together?

Photography JL Javier
Art direction Shaira Bungcag
Styling Angelo Ramirez De Cartagena and Lyn Alumno
Grooming (Ruru) Cats Del Rosario
Makeup (Jasmine) John Pagaduan
Hair  (Jasmine) Kierlo Velasco
Shoot coordination Thea Martin
Shoot location The Creativx Studio