MEGA Exclusive: Behind the Holiday Festivity of Rosbert Villar’s Latest Collection

MEGA Exclusive: Behind the Holiday Festivity of Rosbert Villar’s Latest Collection


In this MEGA exclusive, young designer Rosbert Villar talks about the inspiration behind his holiday collection and what comes next for his atelier

Designer RosbertVillar isn’t a stranger to the fashion world. Ever since he was young, he was introduced to the nitty gritty side of it as his family ran a clothing production company that he often visited, which then sparked his interest in fashion. From learning the basics of design construction from the seamstresses in the factory to little hobbies like dressing up his sister’s dolls, there is no doubt that Rosbert has always been on the path of fashion. 

It’s a path that he pursued, which led to a debut collection launch back in 2017, an atelier in 2018, his first bridal collection in 2019, and a ready-to-wear collection in 2020. Rosbert Villar continues to create remarkable pieces that are not only elegant, but also a source of empowerment for the women who will wear them. And very recently, the designer takes another step forward in his career as he released his first holiday collection.

For his first holiday collection, one must simply ask about the process of conceptualization. While his work has been consisting of bridalwear recently, Rosbert tells us the contrast of designing for weddings and the holidays. “Designing bridal pieces is purely personal between the designer and the bride-to-be, unlike this holiday collection, the process is focused more on trying to come up with easy, light, and effortless styles without compromising the element of surprise.”

The timing of launching his first holiday collection couldn’t be more impeccable. As society slowly paces itself back to normal, and people are seen gathering in numerous events, Rosbert couldn’t pass on the opportunity to design pieces for the holidays. He said, “It made me realize that it would be the perfect time to create festive pieces for the women we design for to enjoy this holiday season.”

Rosbert Villar is mostly inspired by the attributes of Old World glamour. It’s an undeniable beauty and elegance that we’ve all grown to know, and an opulent fashion that Rosbert infuses in his designs—a characteristic that is evident in his holiday collection that has such effortless glamour with a touch festivity.

“The holiday collection is festive but laid-back, elegant yet functional and practical. We wanted to highlight the juxtaposition between these elements.”

Rosbert Villar

Seeing beyond the idea of clothes just being beautiful and up-to-date, Rosbert only aims to let women wear the clothes, which is why fluidity and wearability are always at the forefront of his designs. A light aura exudes from the collection as he infused soft lines and elegant drapings. 

“This has been one of my objectives in the past years, for my clothes to be more wearable while maintaining the brand’s DNA in it.” And though Rosbert maintains his classy silhouettes, he keeps the holiday spirit alive through the use of subtle prints, pleats, and drapings. A dotted embroidered tulle decorates the Scilla dress, a tiered silhouette with pearl detailings is seen on Aretha, and hues of striking red were donned on pieces such as Etta and Simone.

“Moving forward from this collection—our objective will remain the same: to make our future collections more appealing to the women we design for.”

Rosbert Villar

On the future of his career in design, Rosbert plans to remain true to his fashion. Ever so elegant, timeless, and wearable—we can only expect upcoming pieces that come with a promise to empower those who wear them. 

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