MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Baring Skin And Provocative Dressing

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Baring Skin And Provocative Dressing


Dare to bare your most essential in this season’s scintillating persistence of provocation. Slices, lashes, and hints of skin galore, the holidays just got a little bit more adventurous.

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Skin is always in. And as I always say, maximum exposure isn’t just a theme or motif—it’s a lifestyle. Kidding aside, personally, I’m more than elated to see the trend on the runways. Mugler made a case for confident exposure of skin in the most seductive of lingerie-based looks. Sensual, minimal, fluid, Dion Lee injects a touch of sexy to utilitarian workwear. Ludovic de Saint Sernin entices the public’s gaze as he played with nude illusions in his delicate runway offerings. From sensual cuts to gender-fluid silhouettes, the skin is bared in the most stylish, provocative, and unexpected ways possible.

So, how do you integrate this trend into your wardrobe? The trick is knowing which part you want to bare. It doesn’t have to be always shocking. You can start with the fail-safe exposure of your clavicles (aka collarbone) that always creates a slim illusion. A high slit elongates your legs while still leaving a lot to the imagination. Skin-toned leggings and tight sweaters create a naked illusion. Cropped tops or bralettes bare enough skin while keeping your look chic. Hot pants are getting hotter as the length gets shorter. Lingerie dressing pervades daytime dressing, especially when paired with tailored separates.

The biggest challenge I faced was looking for menswear that pushes the envelope of provocation. Thankfully, the women’s section is chock full of sensual cuts and silhouettes. A metallic, cut-out bodysuit from H&M Women called out to me and I paired it with the comfiest mesh pants from ARIN. I finished the look with radiant, diamond earrings from LUNA by DRAKE DUSTIN and MELISSA trekking sandals. From retail brands to designers, there are a lot of pieces you can work with. Skirts with high slits come in various incarnations, bra tops are becoming fail-safe than fleeting, and sheer or see-through pieces are everywhere.

As with everything—and especially with this trend—your skin is always your best accessory. The elusive Glass Skin trend has always been my goal and I’ve learned that skincare and facial treatments are key. Hence, I’ve been religious with maintaining my skin’s health with the help of the Aivee Clinic. Aivee Glass works wonders for the skin, leaving it moisturized, radiant, and luminous. Also, I swear by Pili Ani’s newest Ageless Concentrate. The clean and green artisanal formula nourishes, hydrates, firms, and protects the skin. Glowing and clean skin goes with any outfit, so make sure you get the best facial maintenance and beauty products that work for you.

With that, get ready to heat up the holidays with hints of skin.

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Photography by Kieran Punay of Studio100
Creative Direction by Shaira Bungcag
Makeup by Jef Ong of MAC Cosmetics
Hair by RG Miranda

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