MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Shining, Shimmering, Splendid Glitter

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Shining, Shimmering, Splendid Glitter


‘Tis the season to let your guard down and let a whole lot of light shine through. From tempered metallics to glitters galore, the lesson this season is to not hold back and have lots and lots of fun.

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Let’s admit it—glitter has and will always be a holiday trend. Whether it’s because of the Glossier effect, the Kira Kira obsession, or Euphoria alone, the trend is showing no signs of slowing dow anytime soon. Wherever party you may be going this Yuletide season, it’s expected to see a person making a case for the glitter trend.

As we take cues from a handful of enduring French brands like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, who put the spotlight on shimmering pieces for their fall/winter 2019 collections, it only looks like we’ll be partying all night long like a real superstar. After all, it’s high time to set aside minimalism and go back to the opulent age of maximalism. From your sequinned dress, bejeweled top, to your stacked diamond arm candies, don’t hold back on anything that’ll make you standout from the crowd.

The best part about this trend is that you only need to match the colors of your chosen pieces. If it’s a sparkly neutral piece, elevate it with a pop of color such as a hot pink blazer. But if you’re risk-averse when it comes to your style options, then opt for a monochromatic gold or silver number.

Now, if glitter and sequins are out of your comfort zones, you can always choose to showcase it via your beauty look. Come to think of it, Paris Fashion Week was all things to beauty dreamers. So, amplify your quintessential ensemble with a bedazzled eyes and highlights all over. Now that’s how you make sure you’ll be the shiniest star amongst everyone. What are you waiting for? ‘Tis the season to shine!

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Photography by Kieran Punay of Studio 100
Creative Direction Shaira Bungcag
Makeup by Jef Ong of MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Jury Panganiban
Final Artists Jemy Sta, Ana & Zoe Arriola

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