MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Suiting Up With Cinched Waists

MEGA Holiday Gift Guide To Suiting Up With Cinched Waists


While full to the brim with excess, the holidays are no excuse to let go. Let this be a reminder to keep things together in style this season by wearing your tailored staples with a cinched statement.

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Power suits are making a mighty comeback from the slightly distant 80s, and the best part? It’s back in numerous incarnations. So, whether you want to wear a houndstooth-printed coat, a hot pink suit jacket, or an all-black tailored number like how a true classicist would prefer, it’s safe to say that one can effortlessly look très chic upon suiting up.

But if everyone can seamlessly achieve this look by merely wearing a coat paired with trousers, there lies a question, or perhaps even a challenge: How do you elevate this look? In fact, how could we truly stand out amongst the sea of men and women suited up in various central business districts?

Fortunately, with every challenge that arises, there always comes a solution. Hence, we’re thankful for the design gods for melding the power suit trend with the art of cinching. We’ve witnessed various storied fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton, who taught us to tighten up, so to speak. As we learned, the key to taking the power suit trend to the next level is by cinching—adding emphasis to your waist.

The trick to ace cinched suiting is by incorporating distinctive belts or sashes—whether it be a quirky bejeweled belt, a thick leather obi, or a canvas belt. In my case, it was a duchess satin sash, because it evoked such irresistible luxurious allure that speaks volumes of my style. So, if there’s one thing you’d need to invest in this holiday season, make sure to suit up with a cinched waist. After all, what better way to kick-start your 2020 than by wearing the true definition of power.

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Photography by Kieran Punay of Studio100
Creative Direction by Shaira Bungcag
Makeup by Karmela Jabla of MAC Cosmetics
Hair by RG Miranda
Final Artists Zoe Arriola & Jemy Sta. Ana


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