MEGA Man’s 10 Most Stylish Gentlemen of 2023

MEGA Man’s 10 Most Stylish Gentlemen of 2023


Let’s celebrate the men who owned the fashion scene this year. Did your go-to style icons make the list?

Step into the world of sartorial excellence as we unveil the ultimate lineup of men who have effortlessly mastered the art of style in their own ways. From red carpets to the street, MEGA Man has scoured the fashion landscape to bring you the best of men’s style, more specifically, the top ten stylish gentlemen who have consistently left a lasting impression through their looks. From classic, clean silhouettes to bold fashion statements, these guys showcased that being handsomely dressed is a mark of a true modern man in 2023.

James Reid

MEGA Man's Most Stylish gentlemen - James Reid
Photo: JAMES REID (via Instagram)

James Reid proved that he is a guy who wears many hats and knows how to wear them well. Beyond his roles in entertainment and business, this 30-year-old gentleman also aced the fashion game this year. Whether it’s patterned suits or keeping it casual with a vintage tee and a jacket, take a cue from the man who can confidently wear it all.

Donny Pangilinan 

MEGA Man's Most Stylish gentlemen - Donny Pangilinan
Donny Pangilinan graces the February 2023 cover of MEGA Man

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of this generation’s most sought-after leading men, Donny Pangilinan. From turning heads on the cover of MEGA Man in February of 2023 to owning the red carpet at various balls, the Can’t Buy Me Love star demonstrated that whether he’s wearing a fitted tank top, an oversized sweater or a classic suit, he will always look effortlessly sharp

Jericho Rosales 

MEGA Man's Most Stylish gentlemen - Jericho Rosales
Photo: JERICHO ROSALES (via Instagram)

He may be more known for his acting chops, but Jericho Rosales has successfully cemented himself as a man who can clean up well. From graphic tees, rugged leather jackets to even rocking a beanie and silver hair, the man’s got impeccable fashion sense that can’t be denied.


MEGA Man's Most Stylish gentlemen - SB19
SB19 takes center stage as the cover stars for MEGA Entertainment’s May 2023 issue

Joining this lineup is SB19, the reigning kings of P-Pop. With their respective looks, Stell, Josh, Ken, Pablo, and Justin radiate modern sophistication that collectively embodies the essence of Filipino charm and global appeal.

Kyle Echarri

Kyle Echarri
Photo: KYLE ECHARRI (via Instagram)

Departing from traditional fashion norms, Kyle Echarri presented a wardrobe that is as versatile as his roles. From sleek tailored suits to daring crop tops, his fearless fashion choices reflect him as a guy who is unafraid to use clothing as a powerful tool for self-expression, proving that style knows no boundaries.

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Photo: BGYO (via Instagram)

Beyond their electrifying performances, BGYO‘s off-stage appearances also steal the spotlight. This year, Gelo, Nate, Akira, JL, and Mikki did not just simply attend events; they presented a level of style that’s cohesive and fresh, making us excited to see how they will continue to elevate their sartorial game in 2024.

Miguel Tanfelix

Miguel Tanfelix
Miguel Tanfelix, front and center on MEGA Man’s May 2023 cover

This year, Miguel Tanfelix redefined his style game, leaving behind his innocence for a more mature and confident look. Without a doubt, the sartorial selections of the MEGA Man May 2023 cover star show us a bolder side of him that’s impossible to ignore.

Darren Espanto 

Darren Espanto
Photo: DARREN ESPANTO (via Instagram)

Thinking of a guy who’s not shy about mixing things up and owning his look? Look no further than Darren Espanto. His closet is like a fashion playground, swinging from bold suits to laid-back street style. Just like his music, his wardrobe screams confidence and a cool blend of genres.

Ruru Madrid

Ruru Madrid
Photo: RURU MADRID (via Instagram)

A fearless thrill-seeker, Ruru Madrid brought the same intensity he brings to the open road with his style choices. His fashion narrative is a blend of leather jackets, distressed jeans, and sturdy boots, mirroring his commitment to the thrill of the ride while maintaining an edge that can easily turn heads on and off the bike.

Brent Manalo

Brent Manalo
Photography JACOB BOCOBO

And finally, take a look at Brent Manalo‘s easygoing elegance in his casual outfits. The guy knows how to rock minimalism, showing us that simplicity is the key to ultimate sophistication.

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