MEGAStyle Reveals Unseen Digicam Photos at MEGA’s 32nd Anniversary Party

MEGAStyle Reveals Unseen Digicam Photos at MEGA’s 32nd Anniversary Party


From star-studded mirror selfies to unexpected interactions, we are taking you with us to the MEGA Anniversary Party with these unseen backstage photos

Ever wondered what parties look like amongst the celebrities? From the strobe lights and endless flow of drink to the loud conversations between personalities, best believe when we say it feels like the fever dream. That’s why we’re personally taking you with us to live out the night through the lens of one of our MEGAStyle Ambassadors, Clyde Amadeo. So, do you think you’re up for the ride?

MEGAStyle Ambassadors Clyde Amadeo, Ray Managuelod, Cess Tan, Marga Nicolas, and Bianca Ferro take a quick selfie before heading in the party

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Roam the floor

It’s that time of the night when A-list stars let loose, but did you know cute little interactions usually take place in front of the camera? We captured these candid moments between celebrities amidst the flashing lights and forming crowds. After all, it’s all about the little things when it comes to big events such as this. 

Kyline Alcantara and Sarah Lahbati join Chris Nick’s table with Michelle Dee and Rhian Ramos for an quick, on-the-spot shoot

Behind the concept

Right after the red carpet, these personalities went to a corner for a quick pose—think of it as our little exclusive shoot spot. For the night, we got them to cozy up on the couches. They definitely knew how to make a simple set like this look editorial. 

Issa Pressman and James Reid getting the vibes just right with their chemistry at the photo booth

Table gangs

As you stepped inside the venue, things would get a little crazy with the amount of introductions between guests. After their entrance, you’d spot them seated with their closest friends, looking cozy and relaxed before the program began. Check out Sarah Lahbati looking absolutely glamorous with the Chris Nick angels and Kyline Alcantara.

A candid moment among Chris Nick, Kyline Alcantara, and Sarah Lahbati caught on cam

Mirror mirror on the wall

We all know how much of a big deal it is to capture a mirror selfie with your friends, but it’s not a MEGA party if we didn’t spot these celebrities having a cute interaction. This time, in the powder room! It’s a star-studded moment since we got the next generation stars posing with the actresses, so we did not miss the opportunity to capture this affair.

A star-studded bathroom shoot with the industry’s biggest celebrities like Andrea Brillantes, Belle Mariano, Michelle Dee, Rhian Ramos, Jayda, Issa Pressman, Keiko Nakajima, and Kaila Estrada

Photography CLYDE AMADEO

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