MEGAStyle’s Most Stylish Personalities of 2023

MEGAStyle’s Most Stylish Personalities of 2023


We’re ending the year with a quick round up of both celebrities and influencers that made 2023 their most fashionable year yet

With the amount of events that happened this year, it may have been tough to keep track of the stars and personalities that caught our attention with their fashion—but not impossible. Whether it was their red carpet look or just a casual fit, these names were always up-to-date with their style.

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Belle Mariano

From her Holiday Barbie ensemble to her feathered Libiran dress, the young actress has always been on point with her choice of clothes in every major event she attended this year, so it’s not surprising that Belle Mariano is the first one on this list. 

Belle Mariano style
Photo: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

Andrea Brillantes

2023 was her year of elevating her fashion because she never fails to go all-out with her looks. We can see this with her Halloween costumes and glammed out red carpet ensembles that always got the spotlight. 

Andrea Brillantes style
Photo: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

Maris Racal

Ever since her impulsive change of cutting her own microbangs, we’re suddenly all about her next move, both in beauty and fashion. Maris definitely has our attention since she’s got a flexible style that usually goes from edgy chic to darling at heart. 

Maris Racal style
Photo: MARIS RACAL (via Instagram)

Francine Diaz

When it comes to anything dainty and sweet, trust that Francine will get the style on point. But when she made her appearance at the ABS-CBN Ball wearing a fitted dress with cutouts and a daring neckline, we’re hoping that this is the start of her badass era. 

Francine Diaz style
Photo: FRANCINE DIAZ (via Instagram)

Chie Filomeno

If you’ve got Francine for the sweetheart aesthetic, then you’ve got Chie to balance it out with her ultra-sultry fashion. From skin-tight fits to bold and daring ensembles, the actress has got the sexy chic looks down to a tee.

Chie Filomeno style
Photo: CHIE FILOMENO (via Instagram)

Kyline Alcantara

We’re loving her subtle fashion transition, which went from charming and sweet to matured and sultry. These looks suit her perfectly because of her sharp features that were highlighted even more because of the refined pieces she opted to wear these past few months. 

Kyline Alcantara style
Photo: KYLINE ALCANTARA (via Instagram)

Rei Germar

One of her milestones this year was the announcement of her ambassadorship with GENTLEWOMAN, and it definitely showed off her all-around style in every angle possible. Neutrals in Y2K? You can check out her ensembles in Sydney. Nice and naughty? Her custom pastel blue AJ Javier corset dress is the perfect blend of the two vibes. 

Rei Germar style
Photo: REI GERMAR (via Instagram)

Jaz Reyes

She keeps giving fashion a quirky twist with her playful looks, from layering mixed metal accessories to overstated ensembles that are worth trying out if you get the chance. Even if Jaz has been in the game for quite some time, she still manages to surprise us.  

Jaz Reyes
Photo: JAZ REYES (via Instagram)

Mags Ford

Wondering how quiet luxury looks on a Gen Z? You can take a look at Mags Ford and her neutral ensembles she would often wear when she would fly out of the country. We particularly like how she gave the refined trend a fresh twist, and we’re definitely taking some notes from her at this point. 

Mags Ford style
Photo: MAGS FORD (via Instagram)

Rocio Zobel

While Mags is more on the quiet luxury aesthetic, Rocio is very coastalcore. She embraces the tropical vibes with her breezy ensembles that are usually finished in patterned fabrics or vibrant colors. 

Rocio Zobel style
Photo: ROCIO ZOBEL (via Instagram)

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