Men’s Manicures are the Must-Try Trend of 2024

Men’s Manicures are the Must-Try Trend of 2024


Take your grooming game to the next level and get on board with the latest men’s manicure trend 

Get ready for a cool change in grooming, which is happening right at every man’s fingertips. Even though it’s not totally new, we are anticipating that the men’s manicure trend is going to be a big deal for guys in 2024. Evidently embraced by style icons like Drake, Bad Bunny, and Harry Styles, the trend has also found its place in mainstream fashion campaigns, as exemplified by A$AP Rocky’s collaboration with Bottega Veneta last December. Its presence even transcended borders, as seen on Filipino Kapuso artist Kokoy De Santos, who sported a manicured look at the 2023 GMA Gala.

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Polishing progress

Despite the growing acceptance of diverse expressions of masculinity, there still lingers a sense of unease and hesitancy among others. The traditional notions of manhood are deeply ingrained, making the road to widespread acceptance of men’s manicures a bit challenging. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that a few coats of nail polish should never be the yardstick for measuring one’s character. It’s an expression, a personal choice that deserves to be embraced without judgment.

Hand in hand

Kokoy De Santos at the 2023 GMA Gala
Photography: KIERAN PUNAY

The men’s manicure trend is also not confined to a particular demographic. From corporate professionals, artists, athletes, to everyday individuals, everyone can find a style that resonates with their personality. Whether you prefer a classic French manicure for a timeless look or opt for bolder colors and designs to make a statement, this buzz is as diverse as the gentlemen who embrace it.

Beauty industry’s commitment 

Machine Gun Kelly's men's manicure moment
Photo: UN/DN LAQR (via Instagram)

Another aspect we are excited to witness is the effort that beauty companies will make in order to recognize the untapped market and launch innovative products catering specifically to men. From men’s nail care kits, specialized nail polishes, and grooming tools, we anticipate that the beauty industry will take steps to break down barriers and make it easier for guys to welcome this trend.

Subtle shades

A$AP Rocky's painted nails
Photo: A$AP ROCKY (via Instagram)

For those considering dipping their fingers into this trend, the key is to start slow and steady. If the vibrant world of nail polish feels a bit overwhelming, easing in with subtle colors is a safe and stylish choice. Remember, the essence of a manicure lies in maintaining cleanliness and tidiness. Discover the nail shape that suits you best and commit to keeping it well-groomed and free from dirt at all times.

Beyond basic

The rise of nail art
Photo: PLEASING (via Instagram)

The rise of nail art as a dynamic means of individual expression is another reason we’re pleased with the men’s manicure trend. We look forward to a surge in an array of colors, captivating designs, and the inclusion of intriguing accents like gems and stones. For one thing, this trend is all about breaking free from the conventional and allowing men the freedom to experiment with their individual styles. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and men’s manicures are no exception, providing a surface on which to express oneself beyond the norm.

Featured Image: PLEASING (via Instagram)

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