Mich Dulce Launches Assemblage 002

Mich Dulce Launches Assemblage 002


In her second assemblage, Mich Dulce honors local artisans’ craft and centers on sustainable production

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Newly launched today, Mich Dulce’s Assemblage 002 is a modular set of three clothing pieces: a terno bolero, an apron, and a belt. Rendered in piña fabric, each piece can be worn individually or layered together, allowing for different looks that highlight the elegance of the modern Filipina.

The clothes are complemented by the tropical-themed headpieces that can be updated with various veils. All of the headpieces are made of T’nalak, a traditional material made of abaca handwoven by the of T’boli fron Sebu, South Cotabato.

“Assemblage is a new concept that I launched quietly last year just through my social,” says Dulce.  

A move beyond seasonal collections, every Assemblage brings together a curated mix of Dulce’s designs, allowing their brand to remain consistently creative, revisit past pieces, utilize its resources, and manufacture in the most sustainable way possible.

Each piece will have unique parameters for purchasing, from small editions to made-to-order. Many materials for each Assemblage are limited due to the nature of its procurement: making use of end of line fabrics, hand woven textiles from partner communities, internationally sourced notions and more. Through Assemblage, Dulce aims to minimize waste and honor the craft of local artisans through timelines that are comfortable for the makers, bringing conscious and inspired pieces that are made with intent.

To welcome Assemblage 002, there will be a 15% off sale on all ready to ship items available on michdulce.com from March 18 to 20 as well as an open studio this coming April 1 to 3.

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