Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee is the Epitome of Elegance

Miss Universe PH Fashion Round-Up: Michelle Dee is the Epitome of Elegance


As she explores El Salvador, Michelle Dee continues to surprise us with her abundance of elegant looks 

We’re going from beach ensembles to city girl chic with Michelle Dee’s recent looks for Miss Universe. It is no surprise that the beauty queen has quite the versatile style since she can be adventurous in her fashion while still exuding such elegance. That being said, we rounded up her latest outfits she wore in El Salvador, and they’re just the epitome of class and elegance. 

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Look 8: Dainty florals

Compared to her other recent looks, MMd took a different turn with this Mark Bumgarner piece where she opted to wear a mini dress decorated with blue petals from neckline to hemline. To further elevate it, gold detailings were added on the bust and a black bow was stitched on the side. 

Michelle Dee Mark Bumgarner

Look 9: Chic in Filipiniana

Understated yet timeless, the Abdul Gaffar creation was able to accentuate Michelle’s figure in the most natural way. The high neck top was cut by her midriff while a gold appliqué is seen on the center. As for her skirt, it was kept clean and sleek to maintain the sophisticated look. 

Michelle Dee and R'Bonney Gabriel

Look 10: Bringing back the 90s

We are taken back to the chic fashion of the 90s with this monochromatic ensemble designed by Francis Libiran. The cropped white tank top was paired with white coordinates that included a structured triple-breasted coat and a maxi skirt. 

Michelle Dee Francis Libiran

Photos: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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