This New Pen Perfector Is As Good As Getting Microbladed Brows

This New Pen Perfector Is As Good As Getting Microbladed Brows


Strokes Beauty Lab is finally crossing the cosmetics threshold this coming September with products that will elevate eyebrow beauty to monumental perfection, and at its forefront is a revolutionary product that will reconfigure standards, reinvent cosmetics creativity, and rebrand on-fleek flawlessness: the Microblade Pen Perfector.

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After two years of extensive research and hands-on development of a wide array of beauty products by Founder and CEO Momoi Supe, Strokes Beauty Lab was formed and is now set to launch its own cruelty-free cosmetics line this September 16, promising everyday confidence in the new era of beauty.

Strokes by Momoi Supe is locally known as the beauty studio that specializes in 3D eyebrow embroidery, permanent makeup, scalp micro-pigmentation, laser tattoo removal, and yumi lashes. Now, leading the brand’s global arrival and marking the beginning of their entry to cosmetics is the Microblade Pen Perfector, a bleed-proof and long-wearing brow beautifying tool that makes perfection a norm rather than a standard.

microblade pen perfector

Inspired by the Japanese art of precision, Momoi developed the detailing pen that fills in and defines natural-looking brows, with an ultra-fine brush tip that creates the thinnest hair-like strokes for microblade-worthy effects without the blade.

It is the anchor product of the soon-to-be-released Brow Artist Collection, the brand’s eyebrow cosmetics line designed in California and made in PRC of responsibly sourced global ingredients that were created to challenge deeply rooted beliefs of high quality having to come at a high price. Infused with vitamin C, hydrolyzed rice proteins, and hyaluronic compounds to volumize brows, the collection’s proprietary modern formula also provides perfect strokes all day against water, sweat, and humidity using modern and advanced water-resistant technology.

strokes brow swatch

True to the brand’s nature, this product shines light on natural eyebrow strokes while beautifying it to its top brow-game potential, and true to its name, the Microblade Pen Perfector ensures that perfection is the end result of any #BrowtifulAnyday look.

Strokes has always been synonymous with quality, but Momoi didn’t want his services to be limited within the confines of a room. After years of being only a ruler away from 30,000 brows, solidifying his authority as a brow artistry maven, he embarked on a mission to reach millions by creating products that embody the quality of services that Strokes had to offer and by bringing them into the world.

“I want to make the art of microblading and eyebrow permanent makeup available to everyone by creating its product counterpart of the highest quality marketed at the best price, and the introduction of the Microblade Pen Perfector is a strong starting point of that vision,” Momoi said.

Detailed and consistent through and through, the brand’s everyday confidence pledge is backed up by varying statements of empowerment and motivation seen on the products’ packaging design. For the Microblade Pen Perfector, it is “I am strong” and “I am bold,” both fitting declarations for brow beauty enthusiasts who strive to attain the quality of perfection that the product brings to the table.

As the brand expands its venture in the beauty industry, Strokes Beauty Lab is breaking barriers and crossing borders to bring the Philippine-based brand to the global market. It has already made its first wave of global domination in the Big Apple with a team of world-class creatives bringing its products’ artistic potential to life. In preparation for its September 2020 launch, Strokes became one of the select few Filipino brands to work with globally prominent creative talents from New York to shoot its campaign.

Among the talents were New York-based Filipino Creative Director Audie Umali, who has worked with several luxury brands in New York, London, and Paris; International Makeup Artist Misha Shahzada; Merille Raagas, Filipina model from STATE Management; Haejin Lee, the Korean stunner from Wilhelmina Models; and other models and creatives to keep an eye out for.

The Microblade Pen Perfector is brow artistry made tangible and the first peek into the world that Strokes Beauty Lab is about to unveil: a new era of beauty, defined by you.

Born in Manila to take over the world, Strokes’ promise of Beautiful Any Day begins with perfection. For more updates, visit their Instagram.

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