Modern Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts Of Social Media

Modern Etiquette: The Dos & Don'ts Of Social Media


We can’t deny that social media has infiltrated our everyday lives. For some of us, we’re logged on 24/7from the moment we wake up to the last few moments before we close our eyes to sleep.
Because this has become the norm, we may have unknowingly put ourselves in a few tricky situations we wouldn’t normally deal with, whether it be accidentally offending someone or oversharing. We caught up with lifestyle blogger Camie Juan for her advice on proper social media etiquette. Ever gotten yourself in a tricky situation online? Here are the do’s and don’ts of functioning in the wonderful world of social media.

Be authentic

With perfectly curated feeds here and there, image seems to be everything. Camie shares that while she does appreciate curated feeds, one shouldn’t take it too seriously. “I think all influencers have that responsibility to still be authentic towards their audience especially when it comes to promoting brands,” she says.

Try not to commit this faux pas

“We’re in that age of a call-out culture. I find it a faux pas when someone posts an opinion that is from an elitist or privileged standpoint. It’s really important to think before you hit ‘post’,” Camie says when asked about what she thinks is a big social media no-no. While she admits that there were times when she committed this mistake, she tries to apologize right away if she misspeaks.

Yes, there is such a thing as oversharing

Surely, we have all come across people who seem to share everything about their lives online. Here are the blogger’s thoughts on this: “Oversharing is when you air personal things you wouldn’t announce in a room full of people. I like keeping parts of my life private because it just feels so much more special knowing certain things are just mine. So when I’m spending time with loved ones, I’ll share very little on social media (sometimes none at all) because I prefer to stay present and in the moment. Sometimes, I even forget social media exists!”

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your followers

Ever wonder what Camie’s favorite social media platform is? She surprises us with her answer: “I love Twitter because it’s the best way to talk to followers. You can even get their opinion on certain things. I can tweet out any question and get answers in less than 5 minutes. Twitter is my favorite social media platform for that very reason,” she says, quickly adding, “I also think I’m most myself on Twitter.”

Detach every once in awhile

While the digital sphere has its advantages, Camie shares that she still feels the need to detach every week. “I’ll stay away from my devices. I like to spend time with family and friends, get lost in a book, do something art related like painting or illustrating, or see a movie. Sometimes, I like to travel to a place with zero cell service. It helps a lot!”

Top tips for aspiring bloggers

Camie, who has been in the blogging industry for quite some time now, has grown to be even wiser than she already was. Last but definitely not the least, we asked her about her top three tips for those aspiring for a career similar to hers. Here are her answers:

  1. a) Authenticity, integrity, and passion all go hand in hand towards success.
  2. b) Content and consistency are kings.
  3. c) Be realistic. Don’t quit your job to pursue blogging, unless you know for sure you can live off from it.
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