This Fashion Instagram Account Is About To Be Your New Obsession

This Fashion Instagram Account Is About To Be Your New Obsession


Fashion has got to be the most cutthroat industry out there. For a field that holds style, design, and taste as its most vital points, everything is subjective. And especially when a whole scope is riddled with artists and creatives, their eccentricities are bound to pop off to shock the spectators. When Gucci released their latex sock heels, the internet wasted no time in voicing their disdain for the socks-and-sandals-reviving footwear. Not only with heels but since Balenciaga’s iterations of chunky sneakers, social media was on a roll with comparing the $850 item to a shoe plucked from an elementary school’s lost and found bin.

Balenciaga Triple S sneakers 

Now for the latest season, designers are already making their marks known in the footwear scene by revamping ugly classics such as Rick Owens putting an edgy twist to Birkenstocks, aka the ultimate dad sandals. Jeremy Scott incorporated his Moschino sensibilities into pairs of Uggs (and a special mention to Y/Project for their thigh high iteration) and Balenciaga stylizing the iconic Crocs into platform reworks filled with enamel pins.

It seems ugly is the new stylish in fashion. As Miuccia Prada once said, “Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer.” Whether or not one may agree, the parodical flair of designer wear will never be lost. We’ve all heard of Diet Prada, the Instagram account that’s calling out fashion copycats but now, we’ve found a new one that’s about to be your go-to for a dose of light-hearted pokes at fashion.

Y/Project Uggs

Crimes Against Shoemanity (@crimesagainstshoemanity) is a visual catalogue of all things atrocious—from denim slides to clear jelly sandals and “molar mules”. Speaking on the origin of Crimes Against Shoemanity, the anonymous page owner notes that the reason they created the account was due to the almost primal reaction they get when seeing an ugly shoe and decided to set up the page knowing a lot of people share the same sentiment. 

What do they personally think on fashion finding “ugly” so appealing? “It could have something to do with seeing something genuinely different. We are so used to being force-fed what “looks good” and what’s “trending” through media even though ugly is trending right now, I guess. Maybe it feels good or feels like an alternative to see something that provokes a reaction, even if it’s a negative reaction.’

With the year just getting started, we’re sure to find more shoe trends coming our way. Who knows,  maybe Crimes Against Shoemanity might actually even predict the next footwear design straight off the runway.

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