A Modern Pampering Experience In Aivee Vertis North

A Modern Pampering Experience In Aivee Vertis North


The first thing that will catch your attention upon entering The Aivee Clinic in Ayala Malls Vertis North is its walls. Replicating the smoothness and flowy appearance of a curtain, one would be inclined to reach out and touch it, in an attempt to confirm with oneself that what is facing you is indeed a wall and not a curtain.

“Our clinics have always been feminine and French luxe, but for Aivee Vertis North, we wanted a more modern take of this style. We partnered with a new Singaporean designer who helped make the place look fluid, as if it had no edges,” says Dr. Aivee Teo of The Aivee Group, adding that ancient Roman pillars were also an inspiration. “I always say that if I wasn’t a dermatologist, I’d be an interior designer. I like to move things around,” she adds enthusiastically.

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In addition to the modern, curtain-like walls, you still have the trademarks of any Aivee clinic, such as their pink accents. “Our first clinic was very French, with a lot of chandeliers. But over the years, we wanted designs that could not be easily replicated,” says Aivee.

“Business-wise, we have new features to share with customers as well,” starts Dr. Aivee’s husband and business partner Dr. Z Teo. “We have new services and laser procedures. We also made our consultation rooms more interactive, where patients can immediately see a before and after photo following their procedure. We discuss the changes you have undergone and what else you can do in the future if ever.”

It is hard to believe that it The Aivee Group is only nearing their 10th year in the industry, with six clinics in total–five in the Philippines and one in Singapore. Since then, they have grown to be a premier aesthetic and wellness center in the country, extending to Aivee Cafe and creating their very own products such as Aivee Water.

On the day of our shoot in Vertis North, we were told that it also happens to be Aivee Day, the one day in a week where the Teos visit that particular clinic. “We usually give one day a week day per clinic. In addition to us being physically there, we want to heighten the experience of the patients, treating them to live music and delicious food. Everybody here should feel like a VIP,” shares Z with a warm smile.

When asked about their daily routines, they tell me that a typical work day can extend to up to 15 hours, from ending late in the clinics to having meetings and answering emails in the wee hours of the morning. While one can be easily overwhelmed with this schedule, their secret is surprisingly simple: proper time management and knowing when to take a break. “I love my job and I always want to be better at what I do, but it helps to have hobbies to help you unwind. Spending time with my family, travelling, dressing up–these are some things that help me de-stress,” shares Aivee.

The Teos certainly seem to be at the top of their game, and they show us that it helps to always be self-aware at all times, having one’s feet on the ground.

“Many people are asking us to open in different cities and countries. But as the CEO of the company, I would say that our hands are very full at the moment. It’s more of consolidation for me, making sure each branch is doing well,” starts Z, adding, “We don’t care for plenty of clinics, since our clinics are rather spacious. What matters to me is that we are opening centers of excellence that are fully operational, with trained doctors and nurses and services that make sure every patient is happy.”

Aivee Vertis North is located at L3 Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City, Philippines. You may contact them at +(63)02 241 9327 or +(63)9171644170. For more information on The Aivee Clinic, follow them on Instagram at @theaiveeclinic. 


Photography by Ed Simon of Studio 100

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