This Ultimate Secret Keeps Celebs Confident In Throwback Pics

This Ultimate Secret Keeps Celebs Confident In Throwback Pics


Does the “How It Started vs. How It’s Going” throwback photo trend make you cringe or confident in your skin? These women share their young-looking skin proudly with the power of Myra Ultimate.

Take a quick scroll through your albums from a decade ago, whether they’re early Facebook posts or photos you’ve backed up. Do you feel a sense of nostalgia or cringe at your looks? Let’s face it, everyone wants to look and feel their absolute best at any age. Various celebrities and online personalities have posted photos of themselves 10 years ago vis-a-vis their current looks, and people can’t stop talking about how they didn’t age at all! Despite the difference in age among these women, all of them have one thing in common: their radiant, youthful skin. Doesn’t it make you wonder what is their secret to remain looking young over the years? Their answer is simple: Myra Ultimate.

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The breakthrough beauty supplement Myra Ultimate that has made strides in the beauty scene over the years continues to celebrate all women as they flaunt their beauty and continue to defy aging. It came as no surprise that a lot of aspirational online influencers have been sharing this beauty secret and owning their age, showing everyone that they can remain as beautiful as they were in their younger years even in their 40s. 

Myra Ultimate brings a unique, vitamin-powered beauty through its formulation of Astaxanthin, Vitamin E, and Lycopene. With the super antioxidant Astaxanthin as its main active ingredient, Myra Ultimate keeps your skin firm and youthful by promoting the formation of collagen, protecting the skin against oxidation, thus reducing fine lines and lightening dark spots. When you are in your 40s, you may get your beauty fix through creams and topicals all day and all night. However, these are no longer enough to keep your skin looking young since beauty calls for work both on the surface and from within. That’s why Myra Ultimate is a staple in everybody’s regimen for holistic care.

Like these women, you can also be proud of your skin–and most definitely your age–with the help of Myra Ultimate. By taking it once daily, whether during your morning routine or before you go to bed, you’ll see the results yourself. It’s time to confidently own your age and tell the world to watch you at your ultimate because, with Myra, 40 has never looked this good!

Myra Ultimate is available per capsule at PHP 20, and in a box of 30s at PHP 600. You may find Myra Ultimate in all leading drugstores nationwide and online via and Prices may vary depending on the place of purchase.

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