Nadine Lustre and Christophe Bariou Collide Two Worlds With Maison Bukana Wines

Nadine Lustre and Christophe Bariou Collide Two Worlds With Maison Bukana Wines


Relish in the fusion of French wine craftsmanship and the rich Filipino palate with Maison Bukana Wines’ three spirits, the first brainchild of Nadine Lustre and partner, Chris Bariou

Pouring the foundation of Maison Bukana into every bottle, the brand expands its fusion of two worlds to its newest wine line. From the marriage of the sun and sea that the Siargao luxury villa offers comes a new union of nations that are not just tasted, but also experienced. In their first business venture as a couple, Filipino-French businessman Christophe Bariou and actress-artist Nadine Lustre offer three wine selections that preserve the mix of their individual and shared culture, creativity, and commitment. 

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Maison Bukana Wines Nadine Lustre Christophe Bariou business
Maison Bukana Wines caters to your wine of choice with its selection

A nod to French heritage

As one of the oldest and most recognized wine producers of the world, France has long mastered the art of viticulture in its regions. Bringing the country’s commitment to quality winemaking, the three styles offered by Maison Bukana showcases this meticulous process in red, white, and rosé choices with a French name ascribed to each kind. 

“Vendange d’Ete” (summer harvest), is a rouge liquor made from a Merlot grape variety from the Bordeaux region. Blending the richness of dark fruits such as the black cherry and plum, it carries the signature DNA of French wine as a drink of choice for an epicurean experience. Meanwhile, “Les Beaux Jours” (the good days) comes in a rosé shade. It captures the citrus flavors of strawberries and raspberries in full bloom. A lighter yet equally crisp balance of notes from the darker choice, it is reminiscent of the sun’s inspiring warmth. Lastly, the Presqu’ile (Peninsula), concludes the line with a fruity and floral streak. Think of a clean finish courtesy of green apple, pear, and white peach. The blanc sec is a delicate harmony of tastes, leaving you with a simple yet satisfying spirit finish. 

Maison Bukana Wines Nadine Lustre Christophe Bariou business
Relish in the taste French craftsmanship and Filipino flavor with a glass of wine

“Our wines are from Bordeaux, but it is made for the Filipino palate,” Lustre pointed out in an exclusive with MEGA. Elaborating more on their experience with the art of winemaking, Bariou also shared more of their research and development process. “For the both of us, we learned so much together about the wines throughout our trips to France. We went to the Champagne region, as well as Bordeaux. Almost everywhere we went to, they produced wine, so we learned a lot. We visited vineyards and cellars, and talked to a lot of professionals from the industry.” 

A take on the Filipino way of life

On top of adjusting the flavors for its consumers in the Philippines, Maison Bukana Wines also represents the value of grit found in a Filipino. For both of them, the idea of starting a wine business was an easy yes. It was a no-brainer decision when Chris’ supplier for his resort pitched it to them. Chris recalled, “There’s no crazy backstory, but that for me was the best thing. We took this common passion of ours, and we wanted to share it with everyone.” 

As for Nadine, she took charge of the creative side of things. “Si Chris kasi, he’s half Filipino, half French. Ako, I’m full Filipino. For him, it’s the art of making wine and drinking wine. Ako naman, more on the branding,” she explained. The stickers [were] actually designed by me, and I worked with my graphic artist. I zhuzhed it up a bit.” For this venture, she revamped the business’ image into a cleaner aesthetic by leaning towards whites and subtle designs. 

Maison Bukana Wines Nadine Lustre Christophe Bariou business
Chris Bariou and Nadine Lustre’s life partnership translates to a business collaboration; Photo: MAISON BUKANA WINES

Acknowledging the fickle nature of managing a business, the partners accept that no line of work ever runs in a perpetually smooth sail. The key, really, is keeping the grit flowing with Maison Bukana wines. “If it’s something that you want, if it’s your purpose, it all comes natural. You don’t have to think about it so much,” Chris said, wrapping up his whole journey on the business so far.

Maison Bukana Wines Nadine Lustre Christophe Bariou business
Maison Bukana Wines captures a French-Filipino union of craftsmanship

As for Nadine, “Don’t be easily discouraged. We have a lot of obstacles along the way, but we’re here now. We’re still going through it. It’s like I’m telling this to myself. Hold on to that passion and hold on to that goal for your business.”


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