Why Netflix “Our Beloved Summer” Is Worth The Weekend Binge Before The Finale

Why Netflix “Our Beloved Summer” Is Worth The Weekend Binge Before The Finale


Here’s a spoiler-free take on why the K-Drama is worthy of a speed marathon before its last two episodes. 

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For a month now, since December 20, Our Beloved Summer has earned a spot in Netflix’s Global Top 10 in the non-English TV category. The SBS K-Drama has already surpassed the previously #1 box-office hit, Squid Game, and sits right below K-variety show, Single’s Inferno, with nearly 19 million views by January 16. To date, it is proudly present in the Top 10 for TV in a whopping number of over 13 countries. What exactly is making this drama click with so many?

We beg to disagree that it has developed a cult-following that’s blindly and obsessively re-watching each episode. Is it the cute straightforward plot of ex-lovers reunited that’s hyping people up? Is it because of the renowned leads organic chemistry, Choi Woo-shik of Parasite and Kim Da-mi of Itaewon Class, that’s reeling in viewers? The sight for sore eyes cinematography and warm palette of the show? Or is everybody watching just obsessed with everything K-Drama like us? Hmm? 

We’re interested; you probably are, too. That’s why we finally gave in to the hype and here we are—hooked and craving for more. Here are the reasons why we think Our Beloved Summer is worth binge watching before the cameras stop rolling next week. 

Slow Grind

Think the likes of Hometown Cha Cha Cha and Reply 1988, Netflix’s Our Beloved Summer also shares a similar “healing” quality. Healing translates to plots that center on positive character development and non-toxic tropes that eventually lead to a closure where everybody’s happy. It’s far from fast-paced but it is nowhere near boring or dragging. It’s more like watching life and its natural events unfold at a realistic pace. 

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t throwing shade at stressful story lines. But after watching those and maybe even dealing with your own taxing reality, the wholesome content that Our Beloved Summer offers can feel like chicken soup for the soul. 

Well-Written and Well-Balanced

In case you’re not aware, this K-Drama is a romantic comedy. So naturally, you’d expect it to carry a lighthearted script that ensues more laughter than heartstring-tugging moments. However, Netflix’s Our Beloved Summer gifts you with a balance of both. 

One of its beauties is that it knows how to be light without sacrificing substance. It will charm you with kilig moments and comedic relief but stab you in the heart right after with a gut wrenching line. The script will surprise you with how often it can hit close to home once you hear it—but not without making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside first. So, basically, a mix of emotions but it’s all worth it. *pinky swear* 

Relatable Characters 

There was a commentary on why K-Dramas especially gained a lot of traction over the years. One of the hypotheses was how they often showcase characters that you can’t help but relate to. That is also one of the keys to Our Beloved Summer’s success. 

As the story unfolds, you soon realize that the characters have more layers on them than you originally thought. The strong lead isn’t rock-hard but actually holds a wide range of empathy and is very sweet and clingy. The superstar is not your typical airhead and is actually someone who has substance to talk to. The wallflower of the group has a traumatic childhood. Those kinds of wholesome contradictions. 

You get fictional beings that touch you with their struggles, desires and growth that all fall as raw, human and not far from what transpires in reality. And like any well-developed story, when the characters connect with you it becomes something special and meaningful. 

No Toxic Relationships

Here, you can’t help but root for everybody. As healing dramas routes go, there usually aren’t any of the usual villains and enemies to detest and wish ill. Yes, petty love triangles where one wins and the other becomes pitiful are non-existent. Yes, it’s called a K-Drama but minus the unnecessary drama that tends to irk and discombobulate viewers. There is no better character on top of another. You will end up cheering for everyone’s development. You’ll feel like a companion to these fictional people in their journey of overcoming tribulations and emerging a better version of themselves. Netflix Our Beloved Summer is the type that ends with a win-win for all and an eventual bittersweet feeling for viewers. 

And that’s why we anticipate it’s going to be pretty hard for fans to say goodbye to this drama soon!

Watch the trailer below while waiting for the grand finale that’s slated to premier on January 25.

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