Heading Back To The Office? Here Are 9 K-Dramas For Workwear Inspo

Heading Back To The Office? Here Are 9 K-Dramas For Workwear Inspo


From Son Ye Jin of “Crash Landing On You” to Song Hye Kyo of “Now, We Are Breaking Up,” you can count on these fashionable leads to serve you chic looks that are office-appropriate. 

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For many who’ve been working from home during the pandemic, the term “office attire” may feel odd. For the past few years, it may have meant whatever they rolled out of bed wearing, or anything from the leisure-loungewear-sportswear spectrum. Heels? A blouse that needs ironing? What are those?

If you’re relating to what you’ve been reading so far and you’re in a quandary as to what constitutes fashionable officewear these days—know that you’re in the right place with this article.  

What you need is a refresher. And what better way to execute that than by doing what most have been especially hooked on since the start of this pandemic? Yup, we’re talking about watching K-dramas for office wear inspo.

Turn to your favorite chic leading ladies from hit K-dramas for that much-needed office wear inspiration, whether you’re looking for polished perfection or casual elegance.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Crash Landing On You

Itaewon Class 

Now, We Are Breaking Up 

Its Okay Not To Be Okay 

Touch Your Heart 



Our Beloved Summer 

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