New P-Pop Releases to Boost Your Music Mood

New P-Pop Releases to Boost Your Music Mood


Spice up your song choices today by keeping up with the P-Pop flair of our very own girl and boy groups and their new tracks 

The resilience of the Filipino people may be painted badly when wrongly interpreted, but it certainly has a place for Original Pilipino or Pinoy Music, or OPM. In the Pinoy Pop (P-Pop) branch of our own music, there is already a resurgence of bubblegum themes and bops that can make listeners sing and dance nonstop. All-around groups are making waves here and abroad with their multi-talented pool of members, and although this may be a response to the worldwide phenomenon of K-Pop, our own breed of talents certainly have their own way of doing things. 

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Our history is enough evidence that we can never talk about our past without the influence of countries and the barter of cultures. Until today, our ability to look beyond our borders for greener pastures stretches beyond survival, and it happens with our art, too. With the evolution of our taste in all things media, we can’t help but think: Is this kind of production and style of narrative-telling possible for our own country? Of course, the answer is a resounding yes—especially in music. 

Look no further for your new wave of talents proving that we Filipinos can bridge our own appreciation, as well as worldwide recognition. As we evolve our fascination from kundimans, disco beats, rocker riffs, and belted classics to pop tunes, here are the latest P-Pop releases that can easily boost your music mood. 

“Ikaw Na Na Na” by VXON x Jonathan Manalo 

After a decade, Jonathan Manalo’s 2013 composition gets its fresh rendition courtesy of P-Pop boy group VXON. Keeping their version updated for the audience today, the members showcased their smooth, wavey moves along with the track’s added hi-hat sounds. The 2023 arrangement also has a rap verse that gave Manalo’s original composition a cooler vibe. 

“5678” by KAIA

The P-Pop prowess of Charice, Angela, Alexa, Sophia, and Charlotte is back with their newest single. Always carrying empowering tunes and motivating lyrics, “5678” is a countdown to unleashing one’s potential. The bass, second verse, and chorus are elements that offer that theme best. If you need an artist that has that pick-yourself-up energy, KAIA has this and more. 

“Gayuma” by ALAMAT

ALAMAT’s “Gayuma,” just like their full album Pasulong, incorporates Filipino mythical themes, making it stand out from the rest. Not to mention that their other songs also feature different Filipino languages such as Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bikolano, and Waray-Waray. For this specific song, the hooking rhythm and choreography capture the Filipino term swabe. All in all, the music video intertwining sci-fi elements with folklore is a major plus to the addicting charm of “Gayuma.” 

“Boomerang” by G22 

Described as “P-Pop’s newest caliber,” G22 proves that they are all well-rounded members who set the standard in charisma, choreography, and chords. AJ, Alfea, Bianca, and Jaz’s collective husky timbre amps the oomph of their releases, with “Boomerang” no exception to this. The girl group is serving duality in their music video as they sported cute, bright outfits while asserting their baddie status through hair whips, strong facial expressions, and powerful vocals.

Featured Image from ALAMAT, G22, KAIA, and VXON (via Instagram)

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