The New PH Documentary Is Here!

The New PH Documentary Is Here!


It is the moment we have all been waiting for—The New PH Documentary is finally here!


As we all know, every independence day means celebrating Pinoy pride in a way that is uniquely you. Whether it be in a big or a small manner, every effort should be appreciated. MEGA, however, likes to kick it up a notch by throwing their annual MEGA Millennial Ball.

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With The New PH Documentary, get to witness what really went down last June 12 at the MEGA Millennial Ball—from clips of the inspiring #TheNewPH awardees to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Furne One preparing for his 25th anniversary fashion show. In addition to this, see all your favorite celebrities and personalities get dressed up—or down, rather—for the special night as well, staying true to the night’s daring theme, Maximum Exposure.

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