New to Winter Weather? Here’s What You Should Wear

New to Winter Weather? Here’s What You Should Wear


If you have grand plans to go skiing or snowboarding over the holidays, here are five sportswear and loungewear brands you need on your radar to be well-prepared for the weather

With it being November, families everywhere are gearing up for the holiday season. A trip many Filipinos book ahead of time is one to the Alps to dip their toes in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. And, as expected, the winter weather in Western countries is drastically different from the tropical climate in the Philippines. To help you prepare for your holiday trip abroad, here are five brands you need on your radar so you’re equipped to deal with the drop in temperatures. Some of these brands also take impressive strides to minimize their impact on the environment through sustainability efforts.

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SKIMS winter loungewear
SKIMS winter loungewear
Photos: SKIMS (via Instagram)

SKIMS’ latest holiday drop is perfect for lounging in your cabin in style. Whether you prefer classic patterns or bright and jolly colors, there are enough knitted pullovers and cotton fleeces for everybody—including your furry friend!

Guest In Residence

Gigi Hadid in winter loungewear Guest In Residence
winter loungewear for holiday trip
Photos: GUEST IN RESIDENCE (via Instagram)

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Gigi Hadid’s brand Guest In Residence is another popular choice for holiday-oriented loungewear and other winter-ready apparel. The particular selling point you can look forward to is that this brand uses 100% cashmere for a comfortable and luxurious feel.


skiwear for your holiday trip
Cordova skiwear
Photos: CORDOVA (via Instagram)

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Cordova is known for its body-hugging and sustainably-made skiwear, après, and athleisure. Not only is their apparel flattering and fashion-forward, but they also provide technical ski must-haves that are waterproof and windproof for all-day comfort on the slopes.


luxury skiwear
Moncler skiwear
Photos: MONCLER (via Instagram)

When it comes to winter-ready apparel, you can’t go wrong with Moncler. The luxury skiwear and outerwear they provide are what they’re best known for, but their boots are also worth exploring since they’re waterproof and crafted to adapt to the icy terrain.


Photo: PATAGONIA (via Instagram)

Another brand worth looking into is Patagonia, which is known for more than its high-quality and durable snow gear. Patagonia has activism embedded in its DNA, evident in its internal procedures that minimize environmental and social harm and efforts to promote climate action all over its website.

Featured Image: SKIMS (via Instagram)

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