No, You Can’t Exercise Your Hip Dips Away

No, You Can’t Exercise Your Hip Dips Away


In this hip dip renaissance, let’s look at why you can’t exercise your hip dips away and why you shouldn’t want to in the first place

Let’s set the record straight: hip dips are completely natural and we hold that these inward curves appearing below hip bones are not flaws in any way. Though they’re a natural occurrence, this fact doesn’t stop netizens from bashing those that have them or giving unrealistic advice on how to get rid of them. But nowadays, it’s become more common to see influencers and models of all sizes and proportions proudly displaying their hip dips rather than hiding them away through clothes, poses, and angles.

What are hip dips?

Photo: REI GERMAR (via Instagram)
Photo: BARBIE IMPERIAL (via Instagram)

In case you didn’t know it yet, the indentations you see just below the hip bones—the upper leg area on the sides of your body—are what people call “hip dips.” If you have these dips, understand that they are there because of genetics, age, and sex hormones, which are all factors that are beyond your control.

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It’s your skeletal anatomy, which is determined by your genetics, that will influence the way your hips look. And how visible the dips look will depend on things like the width of your hip bones, as well as body fat distribution. Body fat distribution is another significant factor, and this is dependent on the body’s age, sex, sex hormones, and genetic variation.

What exercise will do to them

Photo: BHAY NEWBERRY (via Instagram)

So, we’ve established that hip dips are not only naturally occurring, but they’re out of your control, too. And yet, many will still try to target the hip area for correction when exercising. But remember: no amount of changes to your diet, lifestyle, or workout routine can remove the appearance of hip dips. Simply put, you can’t alter your genetics and bone structure through those methods.

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For some people, it is possible to minimize the appearance of the indents through exercise, but no amount of squats will get rid of them completely. Instead, what you’ll see happening as a result of your exercise is an improvement in daily living, hip strength, and mobility. After all, the hip joint provides your body with the support it needs to carry weight and move.

Why you should love your hips

Photo: NELLY LONDON (via Instagram)

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It’s simple: you won’t achieve an hourglass figure if your body isn’t predisposed or built to have that shape. If you’re neutral and accepting of this fact, great! But if you need extra encouragement, take comfort from the myriad of public figures and content creators who highlight their hip dips. Not just that, but you can also look to art history for confirmation of how beautiful your body is. After all, who would dare claim Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and lust, is flawed because of how her body is shaped?

Featured Image: NELLY LONDON (via Instagram)

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