Go Nostalgic With 60s Inspired Shades

Go Nostalgic With 60s Inspired Shades


From dainty mini skirts to colorful mod-inspired styles, the 60s fashion was known for breaking the status quo with vibrant statement pieces. And taking on a whole new variety of hues to beat the heat this time around is Ray-Ban’s signature shades.

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Crafted into a retro-cool sunglasses with a distinct oval shape, the Ray-Ban “Beat” plays into the vintage minimalist movement. It is a double throwback to the iconic Beatles era of the 60s, that was eventually revived through the street grunge aesthetic of the 90s.

With its uniquely oval shape that’s surrounded by a lithe metal frame and punctuated by an arresting punch of colored lenses, the Ray-Ban Beat deliberately matches any outfit. From an overtly tight mini-dress to a structured solid coords, it effortlessly makes you stand out in style.

Its signature oval lenses come in classic black or brown, or with a trendy see-through style that comes in stand-out hues: pink, gradient coffee and gradient burgundy. Each Ray-Ban Beat is also marked with a distinct arch, a subtle touch that gives each pair its understatedly cool look.

Watch and be inspired to channel the 60s with the Ray-Ban Beat Campaign Video below:

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