Notes on Self-Love with Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Notes on Self-Love with Cat Arambulo-Antonio


You grow up to learn about how the world works and how you’re supposed to fit into a certain mold, but forget to recognize your own worth. In fact, being constantly bombarded by beautiful photos on social media you begin to learn the exact opposite — that you’re never good enough.

The first requirement for building self-worth and start believing in yourself again is an awareness that something could be better. As for Cat Arambulo-Antonio, pregnancy was the catalyst of change because this was the spark that commenced her gradual process of realization that she needed to love herself first and to feel her best in order to give the love her family deserves.

She believes the path to self-acceptance starts by knowing who you are and the story you create in your mind. That means fully realizing and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. “Real power means accepting your flaws and doing something about it. The minute you accept everything, you’re bulletproof.”, she says with fierce certainty that you can feel her unflinching passion.


“Self-love is when you are able to transform the way you are as a person. It is when you are able to give back. When you invest in yourself to look and feel better, the more love I have I can give to my kids, my family, the better I do at work and every aspect of my life.”

Taking time to take care of your life, enriching the body and the soul, is the ultimate expression of self-love — meditation, nourishing the body by eating clean, going to the gym and beauty treatments to revitalize and refresh.


Merz Asia Pacific Regional Marketing Communications Manager, Kris Leong, adds that the brand is just one option for you to embrace what you love about yourself. There is no need to focus on problems and what needs to be corrected. Instead, focus on your best features and enhance to become a better version of yourself. She expresses the need for a shift in consumer mindset because most players in the industry highlight women’s insecurities and painting an unattainable picture. Merz Aesthetics, on the other hand, encourages positive conversation.

Cat welcomed her guests during a private luncheon with old photographs of herself. “I want people to see that I’m evolving,” she exclaimed. She’s always been unafraid to openly talk about her beauty journey because it empowers herself and inspires others to do better. She reiterates the importance of being happy with what you see in the mirror. “Bottomline is looks do matter. The power of looking good and feeling good makes a big difference and translates to everything you do in your life.”

Radiant in blue and a physical manifestation of admirable confidence, Cat truly leads a beautiful and wonderful life. She is part of the 11 diverse and outstanding women from 11 countries in the region that symbolize the Merz Aesthetics philosophy known as the Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) Squad.


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As a final word she adds with fiery conviction, “The only thing people will remember us by in the future when we die are our the photos and videos that we leave behind so make those photos worthwhile.“

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