On The Runway Of Fashion Week 2022/2023, Cartier and Sacai Cross Paths

On The Runway Of Fashion Week 2022/2023, Cartier and Sacai Cross Paths


The maisons’ founders dared to reimagine the iconic Trinity jewelry

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Three years ago in Japan, Cyrille Vigneron, the President and CEO of Cartier, and Chitose Abe, designer and founder of Sacai, who have been close for several years, embarked on a creative exploration—exchanges that eventually led to six designs that best reflected their common vision.

This artistic encounter between the Cartier and Sacai powerhouses brought forth a new era to the Trinity collection. The Cartier designers took the simplicity and mobility of the Trinity ring as the basis for deconstructing and reinventing it to achieve a new balance. Through six modular pieces that explored the ring’s creative potential, the wearer’s style is re-invented without ever compromising elegance.

Two rings, a bracelet, a choker, an earring and a versatile piece that is both an earring and a ring; Trinity surprises every time. The famous chromatic trilogy of the white, yellow and rose gold rings is truly present. What changes is the shape and distortion of the rings, their position on the skin and their function. 

“In 1924, when the Trinity was created, it was very daring for a jewellery Maison such as Cartier to offer its customers such a simple and intimate object—without precious stones. Since its creation, this three-band ring has been worn by all generations of women and men alike. With this new collection, it continues its journey as a truly all-inclusive piece of jewellery,” says Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage of Cartier.

First seen at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris during the Sacai Autumn-Winter 2022/2023 fashion show, which was inspired by Cartier red, this exclusive, limited-edition collection will be released initially in Japan in Summer, then in Paris, London, New York and Seoul in Autumn 2022.

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