Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 is a Stylish Soirée of Bold Trends

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 is a Stylish Soirée of Bold Trends


In the final week of fashion month, Paris unfurls the runways where designers reveal their boldest fantasies

The city of Paris takes the catwalk as the grand stage where designers unleash their boldest dreams. This season’s showcase? From avant-garde power shoulders that could double as in-flight floatation devices to blossoming blooms that turned models into walking gardens, Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 was a carnival of creativity.

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Powerful shoulders

BALENCIAGA Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024
Photo: BALENCIAGA (via Instagram)
JUNYA WATANABE Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024
Photo: JUNYA WATANABE (via Instagram)

Power dressing soared to new heights, quite literally, as Balenciaga wowed us with their exaggerated shoulder blazers. Junya Watanabe’s leather jackets folded and twisted like complex paper sculptures. It was fashion meets geometry, and it left us all pondering the mysteries of wearable art.

Garden garments

Photo: MARNI (via website)
Photo: UNDERCOVER (via Instagram)

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming one with Mother Nature, this season, Paris has you covered. Marni turned the runway into a botanical garden of the surreal, with dresses that looked like they’d been decorated by a very fashionable bee. You know you’ve made it in the gardening world when your roses light up the night, as seen in UNDERCOVER’s tulle dresses. And Balmain? Well, they took the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” literally, except oversized petals and sculptural shapes engulfed models, not hearts.

Boudoir boulevard

Photo: STELLA MCCARTNEY (via Instagram)
stella mccarntey ss24 pfw
PHOTO: ISABEL MARANT (via Instagram)

Streetwear took a bold—and cold—turn as Stella McCartney introduced silk tops paired with crystal-encrusted underwear, giving us a provocative twist on everyday attire. Isabel Marant evoked the allure of nightdresses, turning bedtime into a glamorous affair. This season, it’s all about embracing the allure of innerwear as outerwear.

Loud muted ones

dior PFW SS24
Photo: DIOR (via website)
SAINT LAURENT Paris fashion week ss24
Photo: SAINT LAURENT (via website)

Dior crafted witchy magic into the depths of gothic elegance, where shadows danced gracefully with the garments, as the intricate lace, the obsidian silks, and the engulfing silhouettes painted a haunting narrative. Saint Laurent chose a different altitude in earthy tones, soaring to the heights of airplane chic, where models strutted with the swagger of seasoned travelers, clad in attire that merged comfort and luxury. 

Cut and paste

PFW Peter do ss24
Photo: PETER DO (via Instagram)
Photo: SCHIAPARELLI (via website)

Cut-out pieces and peekaboo details abound as if to form a mood board. Peter Do’s off-the-shoulder top with horizontal slits played with sensuality, transforming fabric into an art form that stretched from the chest. Schiaparelli’s signature keyhole shape tantalized, unlocking material like a hidden treasure.

Tartan twist

PFW acne studios
Photo: ACNE STUDIOS (via website)
PFW Louis vuitton

Colorful takes on the tartan were awash, and it doesn’t wash you out. Tartan met its comically chic alter ego, incorporating the fabric into distressed, sheer, or ruched. Acne Studios embraced its rebellious side whose only playlist is alternative rock. Louis Vuitton threw a checkerboard party with silk and chiffon shirts and skirts. 

Alloy aesthetics

Photo: COPERNI (via website)
Photo: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (via Instagram)

All that glitters wasn’t just gold—it was silver, too. Rabanne maintained its legendary status with chainmail garments that shimmered with timeless allure. Coperni introduced a gold metal fluted bustier top that gleamed with sophistication. Alexander McQueen closed the show with a sculpted silver breastplate and beaded skirt, proving that fashion is a canvas for metallic magic.

Photo: PARIS FASHION WEEK (via Instagram)

From power dressing that made us question the laws of gravity to floral extravaganzas that turned the runway into a blossoming meadow, Paris showed us the art of storytelling through fabric and form. Dreams are our favorite accessories, and fashion week is a realm where it all comes true.

Featured Image: PARIS FASHION WEEK (via Instagram)

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