PlayListed: Awaken Your Pinoy Pride With These 5 Songs

PlayListed: Awaken Your Pinoy Pride With These 5 Songs


Celebrate Independence Day with 5 tracks that will awaken your Pinoy Pride!

Independence Day is coming and it’s about time to put on local tracks to celebrate it. From independent artists to icons, we got just the right songs for you.

In celebrating our freedom, we bring you four local songs from Filipino artists that recognize nationalism. What better way to bring out your inner patriotism than feasting your ears with these hand-picked choices from yours truly.

“Ninuno” by Bullet Dumas

 A math teacher turned independent musician, composer, and singer-songwriter, Dumas is a familiar name to millennials within the growing contemporary folk community. His song “Ninuno” talks about our failures of modern Filipinos, mostly emphasizing our country’s environmental struggles.

“Karaniwang Tao” by Joey Ayala

 Ayala is best known for his musical style, that combines the raw sound of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. One of his notable instruments is the two string Hegalong, the bamboo jaw harp Kubing, and 8 piece gong set, Kulintang.  “Karaniwang Tao” reminds us of the issues of the bystander effect—satisfying our own selfishness and failing to see the bigger issues of our society and environment.

“Tayoy Mga Pinoy” by Francis M

Francis M is a name familiar in both the minds and the hearts of Filipinos, as he became a forerunner for Filipino pride through his powerful and genuine songs. “Tayo’y Mga Pinoy” simply tells us to be proud of our Filipino heritage. With the growing western influence that is almost overshadowing our own culture, Francis reminds us to feel no shame and to not look down on our own roots.

“Tinatangi” by Cooky Chua and Bayang Barrios Ft. The Benjamines

 You may all be familiar with Cooky Chua, lead singer of the award-winning group Color it Red. In 1998, Chua received the Golden Voice of Asia award in Vietnam with the song “Tinatangi”. The track screams of Filipino nationalism in every aspect, every meaning the song delivers. It’s empowering and fulfilling, a perfect song to celebrate Filipino nationalism.

“Marilang” by Munimuni

A band that gives off a solemn and ethereal aura, Munimuni eloquently strums the heartstrings of the melancholic and lovesick. The band consists of Aj Jiao, Owen Castro TJ De Ocampo, and Red Calayan. With its folkish beat and heartfelt substance, “Marilang” gives us a hopeful perspective in personal healing and Filipino nationalism.

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