3 Reasons Why Your Crystals Aren’t Working, According To A Healer

3 Reasons Why Your Crystals Aren’t Working, According To A Healer


It seems as if more and more people are turning to crystals for inner healing. Whether it is to avoid negative attachments or to open yourself up to love, there has always been something intriguing about how they promote inner peace.

For some of us, however, crystal healing may not be as effective as we’d like it to be. Why is that? We spoke to Ira Joven of Indigo Crystals regarding this and she gave us her top 3 answers:

1. They’re not properly cleansed

One should be knowledgeable about where they buy their crystals, as they are not always properly cleansed. As a trained reiki healer, Ira says that cleansing her crystals with the Japanese healing technique—which literally translates to “spiritually guided life-force energy” makes all the difference.

As you add to your collection, another question will come to mind: how often should I cleanse my crystals? “Owning crystals will enhance your intuition. So if you feel you should cleanse them because it has been some time or because a particular someone has held them, trust your instincts,” Ira shares.

She adds that there are certain ways to cleanse: 1) rinsing them with running water (best with bracelets), 2) energizing them under the sun and/or 3) under the moon. Although one should be aware that certain crystals might not be suitable with other types of cleansing (a quick search online will give you enough information). Ira schools us on one more thing regarding the topic: “The most important thing to remember when you cleanse is your intentions. It’s like a meditation in a way.”

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2. You chose your crystals for the wrong reasons

Most of the time, we buy crystals based on what we currently want, such as money or love. There are special moments, however, when we go into a store and feel that a particular crystal is calling us. When it comes to her clients, Ira prefers the latter, saying that she typically asks them to choose what attracts them. When she reads them the description, it magically turns out to be something her clients need at the moment.

After our interview, she tells me to choose what attracts me and what drew me the most were the green crystals, specifically this nice Amazonite cut. Later on, I was told that the crystal assists one in communicating their inner thoughts and feelings, eventually leading to inner peace—something I definitely needed that week.

“I guess one way to explain this is that it is said that on the molecular level, we also have crystalline structures,” Ira says.

3. You expect too much from them right away

“Some people think that the crystals will directly give you what you want, when you should do your part also,” Ira starts.  “Take rose quartz for example. It won’t automatically give you a partner if you’re looking for one; what its energy does when used right is to give you self love, and that’s how you will start attracting others.” In addition to this, she tells us that your intention shouldn’t be selfish, as one that is for the highest good tends to work better.

So, how should a beginner work with their crystals? When they’re new, one should ideally keep them close, carrying them in their bag or keeping them at their bedside table. Once you feel more connected to them, you won’t have to carry all of them around with you, choosing which crystals you need most that day instead or even leaving them at home.

Photography: Marella Ricketts

For more information on Indigo Crystals, you can follow them on social media at @indigocrystals.

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