Reconsider Your New Year, New You Look With These Timeless Hairstyle Trends Of The Decade

Reconsider Your New Year, New You Look With These Timeless Hairstyle Trends Of The Decade


As with many things that come and go, some eventually stay to endure the test of time. This holds true for the beauty industry with dominating hairstyle trends that remain timeless and relevant to this day and more.

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Picking the most suiting hairstyle is quite a challenge, especially when the new year turns the sharp corner in the calendar. Whether you like to keep it standard and safe or gather the courage to go a little outrageous, the only thing that should matter is that you like it and it looks good on you. Every year, our crowning glory gets redefined with hairstyles that set and define the rest of our beauty look. But before you go for that scheduled snip-snip, join us as we take a look back at all the perennial hair trends we swear will look good on you at the start of this new decade.

Pixie Cut

Channeling a powerful femme fatale vibe, nothing says “hello, change” than a severe pixie cut. A liberating hairstyle to rock out to, it is important to consider that this is deceptively high maintenance (especially during the awkward growth stage) and can be a little picky with face shapes. But once you get the hang of wearing and mussing up this ‘do then it will look incredibly sensational on you.

Photo from @maricareyespoon on Instagram

Low Ponytail

Wearing a classic ensemble is made easier to pull off with sleek low ponytail.

Photo from @bernardokath on Instagram

Long Bob

While this effortless low maintenance ‘do is easy to tame, it can leave anyone with sophisticated first impression. Make no mistake about this, because this hairstyle is extremely versatile and can be fashioned into interesting twists and knots, with swooping side bangs or a curtain of textured tendrils, depending of course on your mood that day.

Photo from @lucyhale on Instagram

Tousled Bob

Here’s a hairstyle which which instantly makes you look chic and young, especially when done right. Dependent on a precise cut, the tousled bob is a favorite of celebrities when wanting to shake things up. Wear it flat on the sides or textured with curls and watch as people turn heads as you walk on by.

Photo from @beaalonzo on Instagram

Blunt Bob

Get it from Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike herself, the blunt bob gives that fierce and fiery look. To take this from typical, add a little texture by blowing it out or ironing it to sleek perfection and tucking one side behind an ear.

Long Locks

The most favored of all hairstyles, especially for the length-obsessed, it is best to keep the long locks a little messy and let your feathered ends enhance your look. Whether kept together or fanned out to a Farrah Fawcett reverence, there is a lot to play and have fun with.

Photo from @lizasoberano on Instagram

Wet Look

A fail-safe way to look polished but with a heaping dose of edge, turn to the wet look for that instant fashionable moment. Far from being complicated to pull off, your standard products will definitely carry a distinctively tough yet tantalizing exterior, which you can match with that don’t-mess-with-me stare.

Retro Curls

Heat up your go-to tools, compel the waves from your tresses, volume up, and wear timeless retro curls, to your next day out. The key to making this distinct from the typical curls, stack on the curves and build on them to an impressionable height for that nod to the past.

Photo from @kira_balinger on Instagram

Micro Bangs

2019 saw the advent of the micro bangs comeback and local celebrities are quick to sport the look. From Emma Roberts to Emma Watson, this divisive blunt cut is definitely a statement, but keep in mind that it does need a lot of attention. Feather it out, wear it ala Audrey Hepburn, or keep them symmetrical, best believe we aren’t seeing the end of this look in the decade.

Photo from @appletagudin on Instagram

Messy Low Buns

A quick and easy hairstyle to achieve, especially when heading out for a night at the town or straddling a hard-to-read dress code. A best of both worlds, a lot of fun can be had with this look, but for a modest ‘do, bun your hair down, and leave a few strands to achieve a more lady-like effect.

Photo from @ariesmanal_hair on Instagram

Space Buns

Comparatively the most playful and youthful of the lot, the fun space buns style is easily the one that spells futuristic. Taking cues from the Disney TV show, Zenon, the face of 90s punk pop, Gwen Stefani, and Miley Cyrus swinging from a wrecking ball, this diminutive buns fashioned from the good ‘ol ponytails will see its lifeline persist into the decade to come, especially when it comes to festival fashion.

Photo from @nadine on Instagram

Half-Up Top Knot

As seen on Netflix series The Politician, Astrid Sloan completes her school girl get-up with her half-up top knot. As we shift our gaze into the next 10 years, this take on standard and sassy will definitely be a staple, because it is essentially a liberating look to channel when wanting to make that quick hairstyle change.

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