Attention: The Italian Palazzo From “House of Gucci” Is In Airbnb

Attention: The Italian Palazzo From “House of Gucci” Is In Airbnb


Calling all fashion enthusiasts, art aficionados and history buffs: the real House of Gucci is open for a fabulous one night stay.

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House of Gucci made its worldwide premier in the silver screen last November 24. The star-studded film that was adapted from Sara Gay Forden’s non-fiction book of the same name, revolves around the toxic and controversial infighting of the fabulously affluent Gucci clan. As expected, the multi-awarded lot of actors that included Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek, delivered stellar performances that earned praise from viewers and critics all around the world. 

Photo from Airbnb

On top of the acting and the costumes, what also caught the attention of the audience was the grand 16th century palazzo and summer home of family patriarch, Aldo Gucci. The estate seemed straight of a daydream, except it’s all real *and* available for renting at Airbnb—albeit only open for one lucky booker for a single night on March 30, 2022 specifically, for €1,000 or approximately, Php 57,000. Bookings open on December 6th at 5 PM (GMT)

Rich History

Located in Northern Italy, Villa Balbiano sits among the prestigious private residences on Lake Como. The historical estate is widely known as the main residence that was once under the stewardship of the famous Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. The villa was also home to many of the cardinal’s festivals, banquets and dances that were often frequented by equally influential Italian guests. 

Inside The Opulent Interiors And Exteriors

The Airbnb’s grounds cover an extensive and grandiose garden, swimming pool, private pier and boathouse that would effortlessly meet the expected opulence any one would have for the house of Gucci. What lies outside though does not compare to the ostentatious opulent interiors of the estate. Its walls are adorned with highly coveted preserved 17th century frescoes made by famous painters like the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva. A sight for sore eyes, the paintings reflect Baroque-era elements that would make any art fanatic swoon. 

The luxurious historic interiors do not stop there. The spaces literally scream splendor and opulence with the occupancy of the finest objet d’art and furniture that are sourced from large art and luxury auctions/marketplaces like Christies and Sotheby’s. Venture further by means of the private elevator and you’ll also find six suites that have been refurbished to suit modern day taste. Within these rooms rest elegant marble bathrooms, jewel-toned velvet furniture, ornate chandeliers and of course, a breathtaking view of Lake Como. 

Photo from Airbnb

Practically nothing can get fancier than this manor. A step inside will signal you to be transported to a time when Italian splendor was at its zenith.

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