5 Retro Fashion Shows To Reignite Your Love For Fashion

5 Retro Fashion Shows To Reignite Your Love For Fashion


Take a seat and put your headphones on as we look back at the best fashion shows that have changed the fashion show landscape forever.

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While the future of fashion is still unclear, what with all the implications of Covid-19 not only in the supply chain, but also in the number of gatherings the every fashion brand is doing in just a year, we will definitely be seeing a lot of shifts in the paradigm of style. And since the present and the future is still unknown, what we can do is look to the past and rediscover the best fashion had to offer with its vast and unlimited well of creativity and inspiration.

Come right up, because this a time travel of the fashion sort, and you will most definitely want to be in on this ride. All aboard, let’s go.

John Galliano for Dior F/W ’07 Couture

Choosing the best fashion show in John Galliano’s tenure at Dior is like picking one character from Meryl Streep’s many Academy Award winning roles. But when it came to a collection that was the perfect reflection of the woman at that time, combined with the incomprehensible genius of John Galliano, it would be the house’s 70th anniversary show—The Dior F/W ’07 couture show. Opening the show was Gisele Bündchen clad in a body conscious skirt suit with the iconic Dior bar jacket. The show felt like it came straight out of the 80s hit show, Dynasty, but with a more legendary wardrobe. From the supermodel casting to the neo-classical set and hypnotic music, the show was over the top, aspirational and the very definition of classic elegance.

Alexander McQueen S/S ’01

Set in a clinical mirrored cube showing models restrained and bandaged, this show by Alexander McQueen was clearly inspired by madness and incarceration. As demented girls scattered around the cube, one can still study the genius of Alexander McQueen in every detail of his creations. Meant to shock the audience, the holding glass cell gave the focus to the clothes. From straitjackets to dresses that had miniature castles and stuffed falcons as fantastical focus, this collection has that certain kind of mad genius that only Alexander McQueen can conjure into a runway show.

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton S/S ’14

As far as designer finales go, this swan song collection of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton could just be the best one yet. Combining the house’s iconic escalators (S/S ’13), a dreamy carousel (S/S ’12), and a new addition of a gothic fountain, the show was a celebration of the best hits of Marc Jacobs for the luxury fashion house. Clad in all-black ensembles models sashayed through he runway wearing the best of Marc, as well as a suggested new direction for the brand. With body paint in the iconic Stephen Sprouse font and fully embellished tailored jackets paired with jeans all accompanied by black ostrich feather headpieces, Marc Jacobs made sure to leave the house of Louis Vuitton, where he stayed for an impressive, imprint-making 16 years, with a bang.

Thierry Mugler F/W ’95 Couture

Thierry Mugler was the definition of camp. He took tongue-in-cheek ideas and turned it into works of wearable art—yes, including that Birth of Venus dress Cardi B wore at the 2019 Grammys. Probably the longest fashion show on this list, the show was held at a circus venue outside of Paris, and was the 20th anniversary of the label. It was all about drama and fantasy as the supermodels strutted that runway clad in liquid-like embellished latex and metallic bodysuits that portrayed Mugler’s version of the female of the future.

Chanel F/W ’14

When it comes to Chanel shows, expect only the grandest of sets that fully showcases the brand’s multi-billion dollar net worth. From actual space ships to a fully-functional Casino, only Chanel and the late Karl Lagerfeld can produce such ostentatious displays without batting an eye. One of the greatest shows that did not only showcase Chanel’s love for theatrics, but also a collection that appealed more to a younger audience was the Chanel F/W ’14 show. From the chic supermarket setting to the urban beats that blared through the whole venue, Chanel was lifting the mundane to luxurious proportions. The sneakers, chain accessories, cropped and ribbed knits and oversized silhouettes prove that comfort and everyday wear can just be as chic if you have Chanel in your wardrobe.

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