Ricardo Preto In Believing Himself, The Filipino Designers, And The World

Ricardo Preto In Believing Himself, The Filipino Designers, And The World


For 15 years, Ricardo Preto has been showcasing his designs around the world. So it still came as a surprise when he revealed that he still feels a cold rush on his spine while preparing for his MEGA Fashion Week debut. Nevertheless, Preto feels very blessed for the opportunity to show everyone his work. He also believes that he’s doing his show in the right place for the right people at the right time. “[I believe] I bring new ideas and I try [to make my customers] feel very comfortable and sophisticated with my clothes.”

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With this, the Portuguese designer adds that Filipino designers impress him. “I think we have very nice designers here—full of nice ideas with a lot of potential.” This gave him a bit of a scare knowing that his ready-to-wear creations are far different from the many evening wear creations from other designers.

And as he debuts his Holiday 2018 collection at the MEGA Fashion Week, the designer believes that there’s a lot to look forward to with the show. He shares that in this day and age, it’s easier for the local fashion industry to be one with globalisation. “It’s so easy since we are all connected with this internet thing. I’m here showing my fashion show in the PH but I’m connected to the world through the applications on my phone.” With this Ricardo leaves us inspired with his positivity as he believes that he only sees the world as one.

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