RUNWAY REPORT: Anthony Ramirez’s Holiday 2018 Collection

RUNWAY REPORT: Anthony Ramirez’s Holiday 2018 Collection


Anthony Ramirez made a powerful case for colors at the second day of MEGA Fashion Week 2018. As he turned his ingenious set of ideas into a reality, the designer to the stars opted to showcase an awe-inspiring LGBTQI+ themed runway show.

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Anthony Ramirez mega fashion week

Highlighting voluminous gowns in vibrant hues of red, tangerine, bright yellow, green, royal blue, and fuschia bursting on the runway, Anthony instantly brought us to a flamboyant world of glamor.

Anthony Ramirez Mega Fashion Week

He also added more textures in his holiday collection while still keeping his signature structured aesthetic intact into every dress. But the most amazing component of his show was how his daring slit and body-hugging corseted ensembles amazingly exhibited sensual hints without sacrificing real sophistication.

Scroll down to witness Anthony Ramirez’s holiday collection:

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