Slow-Burn Romance: Sam Milby On His Future Plans With Catriona Gray

Slow-Burn Romance: Sam Milby On His Future Plans With Catriona Gray


From being fur-parents to weathering a pandemic together, read an excerpt on this month’s MEGA Entertainment cover story on Sam Milby and his chemistry with Catriona Gray.

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When I asked him what kind of a boyfriend he is, Sam knows pretty well what his giftings are. “I show affection mainly through acts of service. I like taking care of her. I like to spoil her also with gifts because that’s my other love language. For example, she told me before that her dream dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And so, for Valentine’s Day, I got her her dream dog, Theo.” Sam happily shows me a photo of Cat and their dogs on his phone wallpaper. “We now have a second puppy, the same breed and we’re in love with them both.”

Having a dog is such a commitment, let alone sharing now two puppies together. And when I ask him about his plans of starting a family, Sam thinks back to when he was younger. “If you would’ve asked me this question when I was in my early 20s, I would’ve said, ‘Oh, my ideal age to start a family is 35.” But now that I’m 37, I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to put a time frame on myself,” Sam realizes.

“Life never happens how you plan it. It’s all about feeling ready, being mature enough and stable enough to start and support a family. To be a good leader and to be a good father and to also be with the right person.”

Sam Milby

I take the opportunity to ask Sam if he believes that Cat is the one.

“I wouldn’t be with Cat if I don’t think she’s the one. At my age also, why would I be wanting to stay and stick around if I don’t feel that we have a future? I’m really looking for my life partner obviously, and I really hope that she is. I mean, we have a lot that we’re working on and we’re both growing in our walk with God. That’s one thing that’s very important to the both of us—is keeping God in the center of our individual lives and our relationship.”

And that is truly something that Sam shouldn’t and can’t hide. Because when you are blessed with a relationship like he is, even the shyest of people become the most prolific in love. And with everything that has happened in 15 years, Sam has always had a steady presence and it’s because he steadily holds on to his faith in God.

“Just like my career, my Christian walk has had a lot of highs and lows. And it’s taken a lot of lows to realize how much more I need God in my life. I’m always gonna be a work in progress, whether that be in my craft as an actor, or as a partner in a relationship or as a follower of Christ. But I know that no matter how imperfect I may be, I know that I can be used for His purpose and for the greater good.”

Sam may think he’s still a work in progress, but to us, he’s always the star that has been with us, steadily all these years.

Read more about how Sam Milby and Catriona Gray bond over music in MEGA Entertainment’s October 2021 issue available on ReadlyMagzterPress Reader and Zinio.

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